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How about getting married?

How about getting married episode 11

Zixuan steps into the restaurant "Fuxiang building" operated by his father Qiwei, a place where Zixuan carries heavy memories. Father and son are strangers. Zixuan treats Qiulan as a guest, which makes Qiulan sad and guilty. What makes Zixuan unable to understand his father so far? How can Qiulan resolve the knot between the three people?

Zixuan meets a helpless Mrs. Liu on the road. She is suspected to have been defrauded and threatened by the supervisor of the work place. She is helpless. Zixuan helps. After understanding Mrs. Liu's experience in detail, Zixuan doesn't expect that Mrs. Liu's working place is in Fuxiang building?!

The champion learned that Meili used haoze as a cover and came to work to embarrass Meili. Unexpectedly, Meili lost control and burst into tears. She poured out her sincere words. The champion was at a loss. Seeing the beautiful tears, the champion was distressed. Can the two people regain their past?

Haoze and Yifei gradually become friends. Yifei knows haoze's intention to Yazhen, but she can't help trying to get along with haoze. After observing the interaction between haoze and Yifei, is it Yifei that haoze likes? Yazhen doesn't pay attention to haoze's feelings for himself, and wants to match haoze and Yifei. Yi Fei's love for haoze's heart is completely white work, and his intention to haoze is just as stupid as Li haoze, but he can't help but get deeper and deeper.

Haoze learned that the relationship between Yazhen and Zixuan is very shallow. He is jealous. He decides to summon up the courage to tell Yazhen not to be together with Zixuan?!

Yazhen especially learned how to cook soup from Chunju and rushed to Zixuan's house. Shu fan listened to Yazhen's advice and confirmed his intention. So he came to Zixuan's door and couldn't help holding Zixuan.