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Beauty dragon soup Episode 4: Long Tai becomes Zhao Renmei's weight loss coach

Beauty dragon soup Episode 4

After Long Tai returned to Wenquan village, the first person she knew was Zhao Renmei. At first, he thought that Zhao Renmei was a hindrance, fat and stupid. He gave Renmei the nickname of Roubao sister without authorization. According to the onlookers, the two enemies quarreled when they met. But in fact, Long Tai slowly found out that human beauty was kind and lovely.

In order to recover the face lost in the centennial celebration, Renhu held a grand food appreciation in hot spring village. Unexpectedly, the media was crowded with the scene, but the chef did not arrive. Seeing that the scene was urgent, Longtai showed several dishes, which surprised everyone & hellip;

Renmei received a letter from Aunt Kate, who was the same dance troupe as her mother. In order to give Kate a good impression, Renmei began to implement the devil's weight-loss plan. Because of Renmei's soft reasons, she had to lose weight. Long was too soft-hearted. As Renmei's weight-loss coach, even long Shoucheng's old Tu pan came down to urge Renmei to achieve her goal quickly Hellip is the ultimate means of human beauty;