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On call 36 hours Ⅱ 22 episode: Amber's condition changes suddenly, will bingcan always take care of

On call 36 hours II episode 22

Murongwei's operation was finally successful. Ziyu waited for Yijian outside the operating room and proposed to go home with him and celebrate with Xiaoying. After 80's, many men want bingcan to buy caviar to celebrate Yijian. They are not very receptive to amber's move in after 80's. It's not worth replacing Meixue. Xi Xin posted the photos of Wensheng and qian'er on the bulletin board of the patient resource center, which made Wensheng very embarrassed. Amber is suffering from meningitis due to joint infection. He is afraid of death and would like to see a psychologist. Meixue was recommended to be the chief scalpel for Amber's surgery, while bingcan actively asked for the chief scalpel for Amber's orthopedic surgery. Shao Ying was worried about whether Meixue could afford it. After amber wakes up, bingcan says that Meixue has handled her operation well. Amber asks bingcan whether she will stay with her and take care of her & hellip; & hellip;