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How about getting married 7 episodes plot: Yazhen wedding planning failed, confidence frustrated Zix

How about getting married episode 7

The news that jolly is going to hold the wedding ceremony of the century has been exposed on the Internet and the media. Jolly is very angry and asks the teacher to be guilty. Jiahui points the spearhead at Xiaoshan and wants to expel Xiaoshan. Guan Yifei takes care of Xiaoshan to shoulder the responsibility. Jolly appreciates Yi Fei's courage to take on the responsibility. She says that she can regard the news event as free publicity and is still willing to hand over the wedding to the company. The only condition is that Yang Yazhen can't be the wedding planner, and she finally chooses Yifei's plan. Yazhen didn't expect that her newly divorced status had become a symbol of bad luck in the eyes of her clients. Yi Fei thought that she could not win and said to Yazhen that she was not superior to Yazhen by her strength, but because of her divorced status.

Yazhen, who has been frustrated for a long time, has finally burst out of pressure. Yazhen, who has lost confidence completely, has endured tears for a long time. Hearing that Yazhen has lost confidence in the future, Zixuan can no longer control his feelings. He holds Yazhen and tells his true feelings. He hopes that Yazhen can really smile. However, he wavers at the thought of his complicated situation.

After seeing Yi Fei take the blame for Xiaoshan, haoze changes his attitude towards Yi Fei. He thinks that Yi Fei is also responsible for his dedication, but his personality is too serious, which sometimes leads to misunderstanding. Hearing haoze's praise for himself, Yifei is inexplicably happy. Their previous prejudice gradually dissolves, and Yifei wants to know haoze more and more.

Zixuan accepted Tongtong's request to xiuyazhen's watch. He almost wanted to lose the watch, but when he thought of Yazhen, he unconsciously paid more attention to it. Zixuan doesn't realize that he is being followed. He is attacked by gangsters at home. In the fight with the gangsters, Zixuan is injured and sent to hospital to protect his watch. Yazhen gets the news of Zixuan's injury and rushes to the hospital. Yazhen finds that Zixuan was in order to protect his watch at the moment of his injury. He is excited. Seeing Zixuan on the hospital bed, Yazhen can't suppress any more. He lets Zixuan hear his heart, and their sight can't be separated from each other.

At this time, a familiar voice came from the ward, jolly was sent to the hospital, crying that her wedding was cancelled!