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How about getting married Episode 6: the relationship between Zixuan and Yazhen is getting closer an

How about getting married Episode 6

Zixuan is curious to come to the restaurant "Chunju kitchen" near his home. Unexpectedly, it was opened by grandmother Yazhen. The dishes cooked by grandma Zixuan have a very familiar taste. Zixuan and Yazhen are getting closer and deeper. The interaction between Zixuan and Tongtong leaves a good impression on Zixuan. Chunju vaguely detects the spark between Zixuan and Yazhen.

Zixuan asked Yazhen to stop smiling, but Yazhen realized that Zixuan had been following him to the bus stop that day. Zixuan blurted out his sincere words, which made Yazhen at a loss. The two people were closer and closer.

Yi Fei comes to Zixuan's home early in the morning. The two are originally half brothers and sisters. His father Qiwei (Fu Lei) remarries with his mother Qiulan (Li Zhiqin) after Zixuan's mother's death. Yifei invites Zixuan to come home to get together at Qiulan's request, but this home is also the place where her son Xuan tries to escape. Zixuan and Yifei prepare to go to the appointment together. On the way, they see Yazhen and Tongtong preparing to go to the seaside. Zixuan asks Yi Fei to tell her that she is unable to attend the appointment. She immediately runs to Yazhen's mother and daughter. Yi Fei is greatly shocked. What is the relationship between Zixuan and Yazhen?

Haoze, who is keen on painting, rents a studio from outside and never gives up painting. Now he is forced to enter the company by his parents. The only thing that makes him compromise is to stay with Yazhen. Jiahui sees haoze's mind and reminds haoze not to be an assistant, but to prepare for becoming the successor of the family business in the future. He also points out that the divorce status of Yazhen should be maintained between haoze and Yazhen Distance, haoze for this against Jiahui.

Haoze, who came to the seaside to paint, ran into Yazhen's mother and daughter, but Zixuan was the one who carried Yazhen to the seaside. When did Zixuan and Yazhen get so close? Looking at Yazhen and Tongtong, who have a good interaction with Zixuan, haoze is full of bad taste. Zixuan reads out haoze's mind and takes more precautions against haoze.

Since Meili met the champion in the office, her past memories have been filled with memories. However, she is still a blank in her feelings. She often sings about the beauty of being single and happy. Now she feels that a couple of lovers on the road have become very eyesore. Meili came to the restaurant alone to have a meal. She met the champion by chance. However, the champion in front of her was no longer familiar to Meili. Meili sighed that the scenery was still changed, and she was disappointed.

Yazhen received a phone call from the company and asked to return to the company immediately. The news of Jolly's marriage was exposed. Yi Fei's plan was revealed by the media. Jolly set up a teacher's inquisition to the company, causing a storm. However, Yazhen never expected that the outcome was beyond her expectation.