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Love in the blooming of Tung flowers 15 episodes: Hao Dafeng designs and plants Zheng Qingtian

Love in the blooming of Tung flowers Episode 15

Xu Hao's son wrote a letter from the United States, indicating that Xu Hao was forced to commit suicide by Hao Dafeng. Qingtian asked Dafeng why he used himself to appease Xu Hao, but finally made up a killer's mace. However, Dafeng was relaxed and thought that everyone was just a pawn in someone else's hand. After hearing this, Qingtian went away in silence, and his mood fell to the bottom.

When Xiaoyu sees that Qingtian is in a bad mood, he thinks it is related to Xu Hao's death, but it doesn't matter to ask Qingtian. Feng Feng only indicates that Qingtian is a killer in the shopping mall. Xiaoyu blames Dafeng's company for its ruthlessness. However, Dafeng shows that he paid all the expenses after Xu Hao's death, but he doesn't want others to know about it. Xiaoyu is happy to affirm the strong wind pretty good.

Guo Chengyi told Dafeng that the struggle against land development by environmentalists was not over. He might have moved again recently. Feng Feng suddenly thought of a plan and used the method of planting booties to destroy everyone's trust in Qingtian. Qingtian was negligent and fell into a trap. Fortunately, Xiaoyu's trust and support made him feel relieved.