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Who plays Huangshan? Does Huangshan like Qiao Yan? What else did Zhao Xun play?

Spy Drama dance with Wolves 2 is being broadcasted on Jiangsu Satellite TV's golden file. The characters in the play are gathered. I'm special forces Fire Phoenix. The original version of the play is performed brilliantly. In the play, Zhao Xun plays Huangshan, an actor very familiar to the audience. Who does Huangshan like in the play? What other plays did Zhao Xun, the actor of Huangshan, play?

The Spy Drama "dancing with Wolves 2" is being broadcasted on Jiangsu Satellite TV, with actor Zhao Xun playing Huangshan. Huangshan is a secret agent of the Communist Party, secretly in love with Qiao Yan, but he betrays his faith for the sake of his beloved woman.

Zhao Xun's TV Plays:

2008 "sniping the line of life and death"

2008 war romance

Special war pioneer 2009

Ice is sleeping water 2010

I'm a special forces in 2010

2011 "I'm the blade of special forces"

Extraordinary hero in 2012

Secret hostage 2013

I am the phoenix of special forces in 2013

Dance with Wolves 2, 2014