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How did Wei Zheng, the hero of TV series, poison Cheng Lixue first? How is Cheng Lixue poisoned?

When he Futang makes a romantic proposal to Cheng Lixue, all the prisoners in the prison kneel down to make a proposal to help him move Cheng Lixue. However, Cheng Lixue turns him down face to face and goes out to marry him when he Futang goes out. Results after going back, he was poisoned by Wei Zhengxian and died of poisoning. So how did Wei Zhengxian make Cheng Lixue poisoned?

39 episodes of the TV series Xiaoxiong: Cheng Lixue visits he Futang and he Futang proposes to Cheng Lixue in prison. Wei Zheng first learned that, with poison soaked paper to write a letter to Cheng Lixue. Cheng Lishan finds the poisonous paper Wei Zhengxian used. He Futang calls home, but Lao Wu and the three of them look at the phone but don't answer it. When I went to see Cheng Lixue, Cheng Lixue had signs of poisoning.

After he Futang was put into the house of hope by saribin, tiger skin wanted to see him and was stopped by the guards. On the fourth day of he Fu Tang's detention, shalibin came in and asked him to let him go. However, he Fu Tang was so stubborn that he didn't ask for him at all, and he also said about his relationship with tiger skin.