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Why does he Futang love Cheng Lixue most? Drama review of he Futang's pursuit of Cheng Lixue's bridg

Xiaoxiong is a popular TV series on major satellite TV. He Futang, played by sun Honglei, and Cheng Lixue, played by Chen Shu, are about to stage a cruel love story. But how did their relationship develop? How did he Futang pursue Cheng Lixue?

Starring sun Honglei, Weizi and Chen Shu, the new year's opening drama "a generation of heroes" is being broadcast on four major satellite TV stations in the East, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Tianjin. Now it has been broadcast more than half of the time. It has won the hearts of the audience because of its wonderful performance, interlocking story and exquisite picture quality. In the play, sun Honglei uses all kinds of tricks to pursue Chen Shu, the goddess, and finally gets the beauty back. The match between sun Honglei and Chen Shu makes the audience shine. Some people say that "Sun Honglei's small eyes can kill Chen Shu. They are really a perfect match.".

Sun Honglei is in love with the goddess

He Futang, played by sun Honglei in a generation of heroes, can be said to be "gorgeous and lucky". He has an emotional relationship with four women, but his favorite is Chen Shu, the goddess. Cheng Lixue, played by Chen Shu, is a returned female teacher from abroad. She is dignified, beautiful, intelligent and brave. She can be called the 'Goddess' in people's hearts. Cheng Lixue returned home with an open and progressive new idea, hoping to contribute to Fenglei town with her own strength. In the process of changing her hometown, I met he Futang, who had a common ideal with her. Cheng Lixue's unique temperament and breadth of mind make he Futang look at her with new eyes, and gradually show his admiration for her. When he Futang encounters many relatives leaving, Cheng Lixue's heartfelt words touch he Futang's heart. In order to pursue Cheng Lixue, he Futang's tricks are exhausted. She runs to school to be an onlooker, causing trouble for Cheng Lixue. She even mischievously accuses Cheng Lixue of leaving in a hurry. At the same time, they prepare for her birthday with heart. In this kind of ridicule, their feelings gradually heat up, making sun Honglei quite proud in the love field. In reality, sun Honglei's love life was blank for a long time. However, sun Honglei showed indifference and thought that he would always meet the right person: 'if you meet some special girls, you will notice her. If the conditions are right, you will fall in love. You can't be in a hurry. '

Sun Honglei is willing to be logistics minister

In the play, he Futang, played by sun Honglei, has gone through countless crises in his life, all of which can not be separated from his affectionate brothers: Lao Wu (Bai Hongbiao), a wise and resourceful man; Lai Yun (MEng Haoqiang), a loyal and courageous man; Heiwa (Li Zefeng), a calm and aggressive man; This combination of "iron triangle" has been helping he Futang realize his ideal of rebuilding Fenglei Town, which shows the personality charm of he Futang. There are many brothers in the play. Besides the play, sun Honglei is also very popular. As long as he has a little spare time for shooting, he changes the script with the screenwriter, chats with the director, and changes into a stylist to change various shapes for Chen Shu. He even works as the 'Logistics director' of the play group to make hot pot for everyone. He often rewards everyone and helps the work of the play group Sun Honglei is the most famous barbecue in Hengdian. He is so attentive and intimate that he won the title of 'political commissar of sun'. The ruggedness and forthrightness of the Northeast man are fully reflected in sun Honglei.