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Song Dandan and fan Ming play the beautiful contract. When will the beautiful contract be broadcast?

Song Dandan's family urban drama plays typical roles, such as the three married woman in the n-th power of the family, the lively and lovely mother in the family with children, and the fashionable and avant-garde loving mother in the golden wolf's happy life. Recently, Song Dandan's new work "beautiful contract" is about to be broadcasted. Here's the plot channel editor of Let's introduce the role of Song Dandan in the beautiful contract.

The urban comedy beautiful contract, starring Song Dandan and fan Ming, will be broadcast on four satellite TV stations in Beijing, Dongfang, Zhejiang and Shenzhen. The play tells the story of the contractual marriage between Hua Meili (Song Dandan) and Liu Yide (fan Ming) due to their Beijing hukou.

As an actress, Song Dandan's most classic image is an old lady or a village woman. She once said humorously, "when I was a child, I always thought I was very beautiful, but later I found that no matter how hard I was, I would never be Gong Li. So I'd better be song Dandan. But this time, Song Dandan is no longer out of touch with beauty. In the play, the name of Song Dandan's character is "huameili". This time, she doesn't need to be ugly or old, but also has all kinds of beautiful "equipment" such as wedding dress, Tang dress and even girl skirt. Among them, many colorful coats and fresh long skirts make Song Dandan present an unprecedented sense of fashion.

In addition to the 'beauty' in modeling, 'huameili' is absolutely 'beautiful' in heart. Carrying the two heavy burdens of single mother and elder Beipiao, despite the hardships of life, huameili never sells her sadness and strives to become a competent and great 'beautiful mother'. Fan Ming, the hero, continues his heavy comedy line. His character is Liu Ziyi. He is a newly divorced Beijinger who needs 300000 yuan of working capital in order to turn over his life and start a second business. By coincidence, the two men took what they needed and signed a contract, which eventually led to a real relationship from a fake marriage.

On the topic of the play, the perspective of "the two protagonists' contractual marriage because of their hukou" is more sensitive. Director Yu Chun revealed in the interview that 'they didn't get through this road in the end. Asked if he deliberately blocked this road because of the sensitive topic of Beijing hukou, Yu Chun denied: "in fact, in our life, we will find many people exploit loopholes, but we do not advocate this thing. In the end, the two protagonists reflect on this problem. They should not go this way. They should not take short cuts. In fact, the more they go, the more troublesome they are. In addition to the Hukou issue, the play also contains hot topics such as blind date, Beipiao, single mother, reality show, middle-aged crisis and so on. "Do I want this story to be inextricably linked with real life, to be able to put a social phenomenon into it, and to feel that it is a work of a certain era. '