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The plot of the TV drama "Xiaoxiong 28": he Futang tries to win Cheng Lixue and Wei Zhengxian is foo

He Futang orders old Cao to give Wang Sanchun the steamed bread containing the medicine. As a result, the other party faints immediately after eating it. Cheng Lixue and Zhu Cailing are successfully rescued. However, Zhu Cailing regards Cheng Lixue as her youngest wife, and is hostile and sarcastic. At the same time, Wei Zhengxian's shooting of a child is discovered. How will he Futang solve the problem?

The story of episode 28

Lao Mu tells Wei Zhengxian about he Futang's deeds in Fenglei town to benefit the common people. After hearing this, Wei Zhengxian can't believe that he Futang will develop to a strong and powerful situation. In order to rescue his wife Cheng Lixue, Wei Zhengxian agrees with Lao Mu to go to Fenglei town to explore.

He Fu Tang comes to Wang Sanchun's room with food. Wang Sanchun refuses to eat. He Fu Tang has to patiently talk with Wang Sanchun. Wang Sanchun still can't understand some things many years ago and asks he Fu Tang to answer before eating. He Fu Tang has to cooperate with Wang Sanchun to answer. Wang Sanchun still doesn't want to eat after he Fu Tang's words. He Fu Tang has to get up and leave .

Lao Mu came to he Futang's residence to report his false identity to Lao Wu, claiming to be a colleague of Huo Dacheng. Cheng Lixue was surprised when she heard that Wei Zhengxian was coming to pick her up. Lao Wu didn't believe that Lao Mu was from the Education Bureau. He hoped to check Lao Mu's work card. Lao Mu lied that he didn't bring a certificate, and then took out one of Wei Zhengxian's items, When Cheng Lixue sees Wei Zhengxian's goods, she is immediately surprised to receive them. At this time, he Futang comes over and takes Cheng Lixue to a room to show Lao Mu's photos. Because Lao Mu sneaked up in Fenglei town before, he Futang thinks Lao Mu must be a schemer.

Because he was suspicious of Lao mu, the design of he Futang cheated Lao mu. Lao Mu went back to Wei Zhengxian's residence and told him about the situation. At last, he suddenly realized that he had been cheated by he Futang. Wei Zhengxian was angry and anxious to save his wife. Regardless of Hou's advice, he took some weapons and planned to go to Fenglei town. Before he could get into the car, Ouyang Rong's men forced him Go back to the headquarters for the mission.

Wei Zhengxian returns to the headquarters and meets Ouyang Rong. Ouyang Rong talks about some plans and asks him to kill the director of education. Besides killing the director of education, Cheng Lixue doesn't need to treat him as his wife. Although Wei Zhengxian is insidious, he has fallen in love with Cheng Lixue. After listening to Ouyang Rong's words, he can't help but feel nervous.

Liu Erquan comes to the courtyard to have a rest, and Cheng Lixue is also in the courtyard. When they see it, they are very strange. Liu Erquan reveals his identity to Cheng Lixue with a smile. After hearing this, Cheng Lixue knows that Liu Erquan is the main room of he Futang.

He Futang makes a phone call to one of his subordinates and instructs them to follow Li Shumin's whereabouts. After the call, he Futang comes to Cheng Lixue and hopes that Cheng Lixue will stay in Fenglei town to teach the children to read and learn knowledge. Seeing that he Futang believes in her, Cheng Lixue hesitates and makes up her mind. He Futang sees that Cheng Lixue still doesn't make a statement and bows to Cheng Li Xue bows and guarantees that as long as Cheng Lixue finds out Wei Zhengxian's whereabouts, it's up to Cheng Lixue to leave and stay.

Cheng Lixue is moved by he Futang's sincere action and agrees to stay in Fenglei town for a while. He Futang is glad to take Zhao Suying for a walk by the water. When he thinks of Cheng Lixue staying in Fenglei Town, he immediately introduces Cheng Lixue to Zhao Suying with great joy. Zhao Suying is also curious about Cheng Lixue and thinks in the same place after he Futang leaves.