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Plot of 9 episodes of TV series "land God, land woman": Zhang Ruoshui, Zhao Tongde, magic gold pot,

Zhao Tong was bullied by bullies because he was too poor to live by herding cattle, and forced him to give up Ruoshui. Hurt in heart, he kneels down to ask his father-in-law to help him. At this time, Li Xiuwen incarnates as a Taoist priest and deliberately collides with Zhao Tong, and predicts that Zhao Tong will become the richest businessman. Can Zhao Tong get rid of poverty and become rich?

Plot of the ninth episode

On his way back, Zhao Tong witnessed Niu Qiren and Yu Shangshu. He sighed that the master's words had been proved, but he didn't believe that he would be hit by the sun. He thought that the two things before were just coincidence. When Zhao Tong came home, he lied to Ruoshui that today's work had been finished early. If Zhao Tong was served rice with water, he almost slipped. For this reason, the fried egg in his hand just hit Zhao Tong's head. At this time, Zhao Tong was stunned. He said that all the three prophecies of the master had come true.

At dinner, Li Xiuwen made a bet with Zhang Fu that she would make Zhao Tong rich within a week. Zhao tongruoshui and his wife went to the bridge to see the master and asked her to guide them. The master gave him a basin to think about. Zhao Tong kept looking at the basin, looking horizontally and vertically, but he didn't see anything special. When his father came back to ask Zhao Tong about his resignation, Zhao Tong admitted that he was afraid of his father and Ruoshui. If water comforts Zhao Tong. Father said that if water is really a good daughter-in-law, let Zhao Tong must cherish her.

Xiaoshi tells Shanshen that Zhang Fu has made another bet with Xiuwen. Xiaoshitou suggests that they change their mind and help Zhang Fu this time. In this way, Zhang Fu and Li Xiuwen will quarrel all the time until they break up. As soon as they break up & hellip; & hellip; the mountain god praises xiaoshitou's head, and he decides to help Zhang Fu. Xiaoshi said that what they have to do now is to stop Zhao Tong from finding a job. No matter what kind of work Zhao Tong does, Xiaoshi makes trouble secretly. Zhao Tong says that he is so unlucky.

Zhao Tongtong worries about not making money. Li Xiuwen wonders if he has given the treasure to him. How can he not make money? Zhao's father takes the basin and asks where Ruoshui came from. Ruoshui says that a passer-by gave it to her. Zhao's father asked Ruoshui. If she didn't have any use, could she make a chamber pot for him? Ruoshui agreed. Seeing Zhao's father leaving with a basin, Li Xiuwen practiced the magic and the basin flew to Ruoshui's side. Zhao Tong said that the basin was a treasure given by the master. Zhao's father said that since it was given by the master, there must be something extraordinary, so they studied it again. Ruoshui asks Zhao Tong if he has found a job. Zhao Tong shakes his head. At this time, Li Xiuwen learns the reason why Zhao Tong is unhappy.

The three members of Zhao Tong's family didn't find anything special about the basin. If the water wanted to put the basin away, Li Xiuwen was worried. She put a spell on the basin. When Ruoshui three people saw something in the basin, they became full of it. Zhao's father suddenly thought of the special features of this pot. Zhao Tong took a sweet potato and put it in the pot, and soon many sweet potatoes were produced. Zhao's father took the copper coin and put it in, and soon many copper coins were produced. Zhao Tong's family was very excited, and they finally got rich. Li Xiuwen is proud. She has won the bet with Zhang Fu. However, Li Xiuwen is not happy at the thought of Zhang Fu losing.

Zhao Tong took Ruoshui to the store to make clothes. The boss said that Zhao Tong had not been dismissed some time ago. When Zhao Tong took out the copper money, the boss changed his attitude and asked them to choose the cloth. Zhang Dan and Zhang Defu went to the restaurant for dinner. A beggar is begging in the street. Huang Xiaoyu kicks him to the ground. Zhao Tong and his wife help him up. If water accuses Huang Xiaoyu, Huang Xiaoyu says that if water gives him money, he will agree, but let her give him some dessert. Zhao Tong accused Huang Xiaoyu, and then gave all his copper money to the beggar, asking him not to come out to beg in the future. Zhang Dan and Zhang Defu were very surprised to see that Zhao Tong had so much money.

Zhang Defu thinks that it must be Xiuwen's trick for Zhao Tong to become so rich overnight. Zhang Dan asks him to follow him. If water makes a good dinner, she tells her father-in-law that they will have endless money in the future, so let him tell him what they need. Zhao's father said that he didn't want anything, but a grandson's hug. He said that he would give Ruo water with vegetables and let her mend her body quickly. Zhao's father suddenly remembered that this house is too old. It's better to buy a bigger one. Zhao Tong takes out the treasure pot and turns out a lot of copper coins. If the water is ready to put away the treasure pot, Zhang Fu Fu will fix them there. Zhang Dan turns out another treasure pot to replace Zhao Tong's treasure pot.

Zhang Fu takes the treasure and asks Li Xiuwen what's the matter? Li Xiuwen accuses Zhang Defu of letting him help and not letting him. Zhang Fu Fu said that they should teach the people to work hard to get rich, and that she would do harm to them. Li Xiuwen said that he said every day that he would respond to every request. How could he be satisfied with what he had to do? In short, she won the bet, and Zhang Fu De said that he won, because Xiuwen fouled. Li Xiuwen said no, because there is still a month to go before the game. Zhang Fu gave her a month and said that she would not be allowed to foul again.

Aunt Hu is caught by Huang Xiaoyu's people, and Zhao Tong and his son find out and chase her. Aunt Hu said that those debts were owed by her husband during her lifetime. She asked Huang Xiaoyu to let her go. Huang Xiaoyu offered to let her put her hand into the cage. If her hand is safe on the count of three, she would let her go. When Aunt Hu saw the poisonous spider in the cage, she was very afraid. She accused Huang Xiaoyu of being cruel. Zhao Tong went forward and accused Huang Xiaoyu of being too much. Why kill aunt Hu. Huang Xiaoyu said that Aunt Hu owed him 1000 liang of silver. Aunt Hu said that it was 500 Liang, so why did it become 1000 liang? Huang Xiaoyu said that their bank didn't need interest to borrow money. Aunt Hu called him cannibalism. Huang Xiaoyu's men take aunt Hu's hand to put it in the cage. Zhao Tong finally refuses to see it and promises to pay aunt Hu back.

Zhao Tong wrote a debt to Huang Xiaoyu, aunt Hu knelt down to thank Zhao Tong. Zhao Tong gave Huang Xiaoyu one hundred taels of silver in the bamboo tube, and asked him to go home in the afternoon to get another nine hundred taels.