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Eight episodes of the TV series sharp arrow: Vice Commander Liu nearly assassinated, Zhao Jinlong ex

Li Jian's incarnation as a businessman sneaks into the army of the huangxie army to steal weapons, and is seriously injured. Lin Xiaoyu's heart aches when he rescues in time. However, Zhang Yimei, a spy of the Imperial Army, is not willing to let Li Jian and others occupy Huoshan City, so she disguises herself as a civilian girl and sneaks into Zhao Jinlong's home. What will Zhang Yimei do to Zhao's family? Can Zhao Jinlong understand Zhang's real purpose?

Introduction to episode 8

When Zhang Yimei entered Zhao's house, she first supported Zhao Jingui and immediately gained the trust and assistance of Pro Japanese Zhao Jingui.

Zhao Jinlong reports the situation to Qian Li, a military intelligence agent lurking in Huoshan city. Qian Li tells Zhao Jinlong that Chongqing means that it would rather give Huoshan city to the Japanese than fall into the hands of the Eighth Route Army. Zhao Jinlong and Qian Li learned that Zhang Yimei and yanye entered Huoshan city and decided to attack the Eighth Route Army with the help of the Japanese.

Zhao Jinlong proposed to Zhang Yimei to assassinate deputy commander Liu. Zhang Yimei went to the operation alone. Unexpectedly, she was accidentally obstructed by peach blossom, and the operation failed. Yano worried about Zhang Yimei's unhealed injury, led the Langya special team to sneak into the Eighth Route Army and assassinate commander Liu. However, Yano's Langya special team was inadvertently discovered by long Fang and Wang Dali, who came back from drinking. They immediately reported to the police that Li Jian and others had already settled in Liu's deputy team leader and made an ambush. Yano not only failed in the assassination, but also fell into the trap under Li Jianbu. Yano is injured and escapes. Lin Jianhao leads people to chase him, but he accidentally catches Zhao Jinlong near the inn. Zhao Jinlong's identity as a military commander was exposed, so he simply played a trick and lied to the eight routes to join hands in the Anti Japanese war. In fact, he was helping the Japanese army to attack Huoshan city. When Li Jian and others hesitated about whether they could trust Zhao Jinlong, Zhao Jinlong mentioned that he was in charge of military power. The clever Li Jian found out the flaw and deliberately played a different game with deputy commander Liu. He took Zhao Jinlong's suggestion and adopted the tactics of attacking the West with the east to relax Zhao Jinlong's vigilance.