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Who did Suxi, the girl of beacon fire beauty Tong Yuwan, marry? Do stocks like Suxi?

Su Xi, the girl close to Tong Yuwan, is also an indispensable and important figure in this TV play. The subtle feelings between him, big head and stock are also very concerned by the audience. So does Su Xi like the stock that quarrels with herself, or the brother big head who follows Zhou Tingchen through the bloodbath? What's the end of Su Xi? Who did Su Xi marry?

The story channel of, Mrs. Jin, got a sum of money made up by Shen Zhipei and put it into stock. She asked Du Yuntang to use his business talent to make huge profits for her, and Du accepted it quietly. When Hongyu returns to Jinfu's family, she finds Du Yuntang hiding. In order to regain Du Yuntang's love, she begins to plan.

Tong Yuwan encounters Hongyu cheating her father, Tong Hongshi, to sign the deed of assignment. She makes Hongyu arrested and saves her father. Tong Hongshi feels guilty for what he has done and wants to see his grandson again. Tong Yuwan is so heartbroken that he fails to tell his father the truth that his child is dead. Tong Hongshi died with guilt for his wife and daughter.

Tong Yuwan, who is aware of life, finally held a wedding for big head and Suxi. She has a heavy responsibility and can't marry her beloved woman. She can only silently bless her beloved woman behind Suxi.