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Angel AI Meili 22 episode wonderful plot introduction: Ge Xiang once again kisses AI Meili

Angel Amelia episode 22

AI Meili jumps rope with the children and laughs like Yinling. Ge Ao looks at Ai Meili's stupidity. The student Xiao Pang calls Ge AO and asks him if he likes AI Meili. He also shouts out loud. Ge Ao covers Xiao Pang's mouth. Ge Ao plays football with the children. Ai Mei is also looking at GE Ao in a daze. On the way back, Amy said she had a new look at Gao, but soon her stomach was purring. Hearing this, Gao Ao said that he was not hungry, and asked Aimei to speak good to him before he agreed to take her to eat delicious food. He also stopped the car to test her. AI Meili had to be soft with her stomach and begged Ge Ao. Gao Ao said that he was going to take her to eat delicious food.

Ge Ao's mother read the novel and wrote the psychiatrist as a freak murderer. Qing Qing asked her why Ge Ao's father and grandfather were always reluctant to give up for so many years. It was very difficult for her to be a person in the middle. Ge Ao's mother said that she was very glad to hear her saying these words, and said that she had taken good care of them all these years, which was really hard work. Qing Qing also said that the books she brought with her tutor were very precious. Ge Ao's mother was very happy to hear that. She said that she really liked Qing Qing and wanted her to be her daughter-in-law. Qing Qing said that she came back to take the postgraduate entrance examination this time. It was an excuse that she came back for GE Ao, but she didn't know what GE Ao thought. When GE Ao's mother heard that she was not happy, she also said that GE Ao made her own decisions. From today on, Qing Qing is the daughter-in-law of their family.

AI Meili said to Gao ao that she saw a restaurant, but she couldn't find it after two rounds. Gao Ao said that they should go back quickly, otherwise they would not be able to go back tonight. Goyle was about to drive, but the car ran out of gas. AI Meili thinks wildly that GE Ao is out of gas at this time. Ge Ao says that AI Meili thinks too much. Gao Ao wants to call for help, but his cell phone has no signal. Amy said what it would be like to spend a night in such an environment. Ge Ao said that there are a lot of ghosts and ghosts in the wild. After scaring AI Meili, he said that he would take her to the nearby place where the lights were on. There must be someone else. AI Meili sprained her foot when she was walking, and Gao Ao told her to carry her on her back. Amelie had no other choice but to agree.

Gao Ao's father told his wife that when his son was older, his marriage would be decided by himself. However, her mother said that her son's marriage was a big deal. She could not help her temperament. She also said that they had only one child and they had to be strict with them. Ge Ao's mother also said that if her son got married, he would not be able to live a noisy life every day, and would have no time to regret it. She also asked Ge Ao's father why he didn't like Qing Qing Qing to be his daughter-in-law. She also said that he was in charge of the business outside and that he was in charge of the family affairs.

Ge AO and AI Meili come to a family. It turns out that this is teacher Fu's home. Fu brought them instant noodles and plum wine to drive away the cold. After drinking plum wine, AI Meili went mad and told Fu that GE Ao lived under the same roof with himself, and that he was not good to himself. Ge Ao stops her, but AI Meili falls asleep in an instant. Ge Ao puts Amy on the bed and sleeps on the sofa.

Kanghui made a table for Li Zhong's favorite dishes, waiting for her husband to go home for dinner. But Li Zhong didn't go home very late. Kang Hui fell asleep on the table.

The next day, when AI Meili woke up and saw Ge Ao sleeping on the sofa, she knew that GE Ao had given her only bed, and she felt that GE Ao was not bad at heart. When Amy saw Gao wake up, she pretended to be asleep again. Gao Ao sits by the bed and covers AI Meili with a blanket. Then he can't help kissing AI Meili. Back home, Amy opened the door for Gao, both of them were strange. AI Meili quickly goes upstairs, looks into the mirror and begins to analyze that Gao Ao may have liked himself, and outlines the picture of birth and movement. Ge Ao is not sure what he thinks in his mind, so he looks up the standard of liking a person on the Internet. All his performances show that he likes AI Meili.

In the company, Ge Ao looks for Liu xiaorou. Liu xiaorou is flattered and her colleagues envy her. Ge Ao said to Liu xiaorou that he would give her a reply today. Ge Ao has to say that Liu xiaorou is a good girl, and I believe there will be better boys like her. Liu xiaorou heard that she knew the ending was like this, but she was still very sad. She asked Ge Ao if she had a girl she liked. Ge Ao said he was not sure, and said he was glad to have a friend like her.