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Song Xuli's misunderstanding of the relationship between Song Xuli and Su Meiji

Lu Li has become a smokeless city project to cooperate with Xu Zhongjin company, constantly looking for opportunities to communicate with Xu Zhongjin, trying to persuade the other party to cooperate with macold company. In order to help song Xu get the smoke-free city project, Su man tried every means to persuade Xu Zhongjin. However, due to the personal emotional entanglement between Song Xu and Xu Zhongjin, it is hard to predict who will eventually take over the smoke-free city project.

The best time episode 29

Song Yi leaves Mike company

The president decided to let Lu Licheng be the executive chairman. Worried that Song Yi would disagree with him, the president called Song Yi to the office and told him what he thought. When Song Yi heard that the president was going to arrange Lu Licheng as the executive chairman, he immediately put a smile on his face and praised Lu Licheng as an excellent leader. Seeing Song Yi, the president also agreed to let Lu Licheng be the leader. He was pleased to praise song Yi is an enlightened subordinate.

Soon after, the president called all the senior leaders of the company to the office for a meeting and announced that he would give Lu Licheng the seat of the executive chairman. Just after the president's words, Song Yi immediately took the lead in clapping, but Lu Licheng was not happy at all. Looking at Song Yi angrily, he immediately opposed the president's proposal. The president did not expect that Lu Licheng would not be willing to take the position of executive chairman, Immediately after the meeting, Lu Licheng was called to the office and asked why Lu Licheng was not willing to accept the arrangement from the superior.

In the face of the president's query, Lu Licheng still insists on his own opinions and is not willing to be an employee who is promoted without relying on his ability. When the two are talking in the office, Song Yi collects his personal belongings and is ready to take a vacation. Su man and his colleagues are very anxious and do not know how to persuade Song Yi.

After some discussion, Su man comes to Song Yi with the project plan of smoke-free City, hoping that Song Yi can continue to follow up new projects in the company. Unexpectedly, Song Yi is firm and refuses to follow up on the project of smoke-free city no matter how persuaded by Su man.

Su man vent his anger on Lu Licheng. He thinks that it is Lu Licheng's desire for promotion that drives Song Yi to leave the company for a vacation. At the thought that the project of a smoke-free city is about to be taken over by Lu Licheng, Su man comes to Lu Licheng's office with the project information, and throws the information book on his desk with tears in his eyes. Lu Li Cheng has become a promotion and competes for Song Yi's smoke-free city project Purpose qualification.

Lu Licheng didn't expect that Su man would wronged him with colored glasses. In his anger, he didn't tell the real reason. Seeing that Lu Licheng didn't explain, Su man left the office and went to the bathroom to wipe his tears.

Knowing that Su man has misunderstood Lu Licheng, Helen goes to the bathroom to look at Su man and ask Su man what he thinks of Lu Licheng. As soon as Su man hears about Lu Licheng, Su man immediately thinks that Lu Licheng is trying to transfer her to her original department, so she tries to break up song Yi's working group.

Seeing that Su man has made great achievements in Lu Licheng, Helen has no choice but to arrange Lu Licheng as the executive chairman of the board of directors, and then tells Lu Licheng about his refusal to serve as the president in public.

Song Yi comes to Su man's residence to meet Su man before his vacation. Su man reluctantly looks at Song Yi and asks him about his future plans. Song Yi doesn't want to talk about his future plans. After a few words with Su man, he turns away.

Lu Licheng and Xu Chongjin meet each other and think that Xu Zhongjin specifically targets Song Yi, which causes Song Yi to leave MAC company. Xu Chongjin doesn't expect that Lu Licheng cares so much about Song Yi, and praises Lu Licheng as a man of general knowledge. When Lu Licheng left, Xu Chongjin called his assistant and asked him to transfer the smoke-free city project to a company other than Mike.

When the president learned that Xu Chongjin's practice was extremely depressed, he called Lu Licheng to the office, but he said Xu Chongjin's non cooperation.