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The most beautiful time episode 26: the complex development of the relationship between Song Xu, Lu

After Xu Zhongjin refused macgue's investment application in every way, song Xu and Su man would come up with a unique way to convince each other? What kind of help will Malatang provide for her best friend?

The most beautiful time episode 26

Helen asked Lu Licheng whether general manager Xu was really so hostile to McGonagall? Lu Licheng was sure. Helen said that it was true that the rumors were true. Who had such a big problem with macold? Secretary Zhang reported to Xu Zhongjin about meeting Lu Licheng. Xu Zhongjin sighed that Lu Licheng was really a rare talent. Later, he ordered Secretary Zhang to go to lianshuang's company to collect the accounts of the past two years Take it. Don't tell lianshuang about it.

Lianshuang complains that her mother pretends to be ill. Her mother knows that she works hard to prove to her father that her ability is not inferior to Xu Qiu. Lianshuang does not allow her mother to mention her again. After that, she assures her mother that she will go back. Su man and Lian Shuang swim together. She sighs that if the project of smoke-free city has made progress, it would be better if we worked together with Song Yi. Malatang asked her what was the problem? Su man said that Xu's family did not see macguet at all. Malatang asked her to talk to the boss directly and gave her an idea.

Xu lianshuang brought the fruit to her father and asked him to do him a favor. Xu Zhongjin guesses what trouble Su man is in? Xu lianshuang asks her father to give Su man a chance to meet and show her. Her father agrees and says that this is just a meeting, and her ability will be determined at that time. Su man went to the high-end club, excited, Xu lianshuang cheered her on, hoping that she would win the project. The waiter goes to say hello to Xu lianshuang. Su man wonders why the waiter is so familiar with her. Xu lianshuang lied that her friend had brought her once, and the service was very good.

Su man stops Xu Zhongjin on the golf course and tells him his plan endlessly. Xu Zhongjin praised Su man for his unique plan. Xu Zhongjin was stunned to learn that Su man was working in maigu. Su man said that it was rumored that someone had offended him, so he refused to cooperate with McGonagall. Xu Zhongjin said that he was right about the matter and not the person. He would consider the plan carefully. Su man excitedly talks to Malatang. After listening to her for ten minutes, Mr. Xu didn't interrupt the plan.

Mr. Xu said to her father that the project was not a good one for Mr. Xu. Xu lianshuang blames her father for this. Xu Zhongjin says that he is tired and tired enough to ask her to stop talking about work. Xu lianshuang leaves home angry.

Lu Licheng meets Su man in the elevator. He goes to the office and asks Helen to check which golf course Mr. Xu often goes to. Su man excitedly tells Song Yi about yesterday's incident. She says that she, as a pawn, has already explored the way. Now let him take Mr. Xu at one stroke. Song Yi thanks Su man, who says she is willing to do these things for him.

Song Yi asked Xu Zhongjin whether he didn't give maigu a chance because of his existence in the project of smoke-free city. Did he give him a chance as long as he left? Xu Zhongjin asked him not to come back again.

Song Yi has been riding in a taxi for six times. The driver asks him where he is going. Song Yi asks him to stop here. As soon as he gets off the bus, he sees ban man walking alone in the street. Su man sees Lu Licheng's car at the door of the convenience store, so he walks in. Song Yi stands at the door and quietly looks at her and Lu Licheng. It's raining outside, and Lu Licheng takes Su man to his car. Su man mentions the smoke-free city project and accuses Mike of hanging him and Song Yi for such a long time with the position of executive director, which makes their internal competition meaningless. They should work together to unite with the outside world. Lu Licheng asked her, is this her real idea? Su man said that he and Song Yi were equally equal, while Lu Licheng said that they were different, because he was born in the countryside, while Alex grew up in the city. How much effort does it take for him to get to where he is today. Su man asked him, do you think it's easy for a Chinese to be abroad? Does he think it's so easy to get a foothold on Wall Street? He has to pay three or four times more efforts. Lu Licheng proposed that he would not give up, would respect Song Yi as an opponent, and would compete with him fairly all the time, and smoke-free city was their last project. At this time, Song Yi has been standing in the rain, quietly watching Su man and Su man talking in the car.

Lu Licheng caught up with Song Yi in his car and asked him to have a talk. Song Yi said that he liked driving, but he liked walking. He saw different scenery along the way. In his opinion, drivers are faster than walkers, so there is no delay. I hope he can get what he wants and wish him success. When Linda went back to work, Zhu Zimo, the new supervisor of the support department, came to greet her. Linda brought a gift to Mike. Mike said that she would not mention the past and hoped that she would look forward. At the meeting, Linda refused the project assigned by Mike. She applied to be transferred from the investment department for a more leisure job. Mike didn't approve of her application, and Linda said that if she did, she would have to resign.