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In which episode did love shinning Zhen Zhu and Kang Linlin reveal their relationship?

Love shinning episode 72: Kang Linlin learns about Zhen Zhu's identity

Zhang's mother came to talk to Kang about their children's love affair. When Zhang's mother learned that her son was in love, she only vaguely said that she hoped her daughter-in-law could get along well with herself. Zhen Zhu was once again embarrassed by Kang Linlin when she went to work. When she asked whether she had gone to the cinema with Zhang Kefeng, Zhen Zhu immediately admitted it. Kanglinlin was very angry and told the other party not to be complacent about it. Sooner or later, there would be trouble. Zhen Zhu returns to the office and receives a call from Kang's mother. Two people came to a restaurant outside to meet. Kang's mother knew about the love relationship between Zhen Zhu and Zhang Kefeng, so she was worried about the conflict between her other daughter and Zhen Zhu, and immediately persuaded each other. Zhen Zhu thinks there is no need to worry, but she will act carefully.

Zhen Zhu returned to work in the company, when Zhang Kefeng called again. Thinking of what she said before, Zhen Zhu was very sad and didn't answer the phone. Zhen Zhu tells Mr. Ding that he is likely to leave the company and hopes to learn more from each other in the final time. Ding did not know why Zhen Zhu would say these, asked the other party why to leave. Zhen Zhu feels that it is inconvenient to say the reason and immediately tells the other party that if he leaves the company in the future, he will certainly tell the other party the reason. Mr. Ding feels it is a pity. Zhang Kefeng came to the company to find Zhen Zhu. Zhen Zhu suddenly said that he planned to leave the company and run his own business. Zhang Kefeng was very surprised at the beginning, but then realized that Zhen Zhu could not stay in the company because of her own reasons.

Zhang Kefeng learned the reason for Zhen Zhu's resignation and found Kang Linlin for a talk. Zhang Kefeng tells Kang Linlin that she and Zhen Zhu really love each other, and hopes that Kang Linlin will not embarrass Zhen Zhu again in the future. Kang's mother plans to divorce her father, who immediately blocks her from moving out. Kang's mother was very sad and told her father about Zhen Zhu's life experience. Kang Linlin walks outside the door and just hears Zhen Zhu's life experience. Kanglinlin was very sad and went back to the room in pain. Zhang Kefeng told his mother that he was in love, but he didn't tell his mother who he was. Zhen Zhu, who works in the company, is once again embarrassed by Kang Linlin, who wants to dismiss Zhen Zhu & hellip; & hellip;