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How do you do in your thirties

Jiangxi satellite TV's hit urban emotional drama hello at 30 tells the true state of emotion and career of the post-80s, who are about to enter their first year. The play is starred by many powerful actors such as Ma Su, Du Chun, Liu Hua, Liu Lili, Lin Jidong and Sui LAN. In the play, not only the growth and struggle of the post-80s generation is wonderful and good-looking, but also the performance of the parents after 50 is very eye-catching. In particular, Mr. Sun, played by Liu Hua, acts as Ma Su's master of marriage guidance, and keeps fighting with his son and daughter-in-law, which adds a lot of drama effect to the play.

Liu Hua, who successfully played the role of 'Taoist brother' in the hit movie crazy stone, has been promoted to be a father in hello at thirty, and plays the role of the father 'general manager Sun' of masu and Du Chun's good friend sun ran. In order to help his son and daughter-in-law remarry, Liu Hua leaves his hometown and comes to settle down in the city where his son lives. In the process, he and his son's friends Luo Hua'er and Tong Youyi, born in the 1980s, played by Ma Su and Du Chun, are familiar with each other. Seeing that the couple's marriage road is full of bumps and bumps, Liu Hua, a kind-hearted man, actively makes plans with his parents in order to get married It's very simple. Liu Hua, who is funny and humorous, and the broad-minded and forthright masu, have been cooperating for the first time. They have made a lot of audience laugh. They have also extended the cheerful atmosphere to the outside. Ma Su said that as long as Liu Hua is on the set, the atmosphere will be very active. "From him, I have learned a lot of comic performance skills and hope to cooperate again. '

In addition to supporting Ma Su, Liu Hua also has an important task, which is to help her son and daughter-in-law to remarry. In the process of fighting against them, you come and go, tit for tat, which is full of humor and warmth, moving people. When asked about her views on the marriage of the post-80s generation, Liu Hua says that the generation has a lot of personality, and sometimes it is too hasty to deal with emotional problems. "For example, the children in the play do not have much conflict, but they have to divorce. The practice is a little immature. At this time, parents can and should intervene, but we should grasp the yardstick when they intervene. '