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Who does Yao Di play?

Yao Di has become more and more popular on the TV screen since she played Tong Jiaqian in the naked marriage era. Recently, her TV play "kiss on tiptoe to love" has been on the air. So what role does she play? Let's first learn about the situation and leading role of this TV series!

Cast members of "kiss to love on tiptoe"

Wen Qingyao played by Jin Zhenxun

Side court flower - played by Yao di

Guan shuoyan played by Wu Diwen

Pei Ling

Su Ruoxi - AI Ru

Liu Weiqing and Wei Zhi

Zhang Xueyou - Ren Wei

Tiptoe to love

I have no choice but to be a model agent in the city, but I can't work as a model in the country. Her idol is Wen Qingyao, a young model who was once popular in Asia.

One day, Tinghua met Qingyao who was drunk in front of her door in her humble suburban apartment. In order to care for Qingyao, Tinghua didn't sleep in the middle of the night. She was late for work in the morning. She not only delayed the draft, but also was fired by her boss Ma Rui.

Qingyao's reason is that Su Ruoxi, her ex girlfriend, follows the advice of her parents and marries someone else and is frustrated. She can only watch Ruoxi silently. On that day, the two met at the gate of the travel agency. Qingyao wanted to forget Ruoxi and also Ruoxi. In a hurry, he caught Tinghua, who happened to pass by, falsely claimed that it was his girlfriend, and forced to kiss Tinghua.

Afterwards, Qing Yao hopes that Tinghua will continue to play her girlfriend in front of Ruoxi. At this time, Ma Rui suddenly reaches out an olive branch to Tinghua, hoping that she can get close to Qingyao and influence her to return to the T-stage. In this way, Tinghua can become an agent again and even go abroad for further study. Tinghua returns to t station for Qingyao and accepts the task.

As a matter of fact, Ma Rui and Qingyao have a mother child relationship, and their relationship has many secrets. However, Ma Rui hopes that Qingyao can stop decadence and return to the peak of his career.

Qingyao has been suffering from the relationship with Ruoxi. Soon, Qingyao got acute gastric perforation, Tinghua rushed him to the hospital.

Qingyao's days of recuperation, and the relationship between the court flowers closer and closer, this simple and kind girl, let him experience the warmth of a long time. In fact, Tinghua's love for Qingyao is getting deeper and deeper.

Before long, Ma Rui's design made Qingyao face a difficult life. Tinghua had to sign a contract with Miss Ma for Qingyao. After thinking calmly, Qingyao decided to go back to work for Tinghua and herself.

However, Ruoxi and shuoyan's marriage has cracks. When Ruoxi sees the love between Qingyao and Tinghua, she feels abandoned and thinks of death for a moment. Hearing of the misfortune, Qingyao hastens to visit, but is rebuked by Guan shuoyan and reveals the truth that Tinghua is actually Miss Ma's undercover agent. Helpless and afraid Tinghua chose silence and escape, and returned to his hometown alone.

But Qingyao finally understood Tinghua's sincerity. He went to Tinghua's hometown and moved Tinghua with sincerity. They returned to the city together.

With the efforts of Tinghua and Ma Rui, Qingyao was successfully selected as the male model by Alex Huang, the top international designer. Tinghua was ecstatic. However, at this critical juncture, Ma Rui suddenly suffered from gastric cancer, and the mother and son finally used their own ways to reconcile the past in the face of life and death. Qing Yao finally knows that Alex Huang is actually his father.

Once again, Qingyao is lost. He decides to leave this sad place and leave these unbelievable people.

Tinghua is angry at Qingyao's vulnerability and scolds him not to give up easily. Hearing Tinghua's words, Qingyao also sees Tinghua's love for herself. He agrees that she will not give up.