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Love shinning 39 episode plot: Kang Linlin is splashed dirty water, Gao ran meets Zhen Na and helps

Kang Linlin makes every effort to make Zhen Zhu more difficult, but in Zhang Kefeng's heart, she is always carrying Zhen Zhu, and her shadow always flashes in her mind. Gao Huo also pays more attention to Zhen Zhu's affairs. Who can move Zhen Zhu more carefully?

Love shining episode 39: Zhang Kefeng helps Kang Linlin stop dirty water

Hong Youlan thinks about the relationship between Kang's mother and Zhen Zhu, and feels that a lot of things must have happened between them. Zhen Zhu's grandmother saw Hong Youlan thinking about it all the time, and immediately thought Hong Youlan should not consider this matter. Kang Linlin and Zhang Kefeng are talking in the office. Although Kang Linlin tries her best to please Zhang Kefeng, Zhang Kefeng doesn't want to pay attention to each other. Kang Linlin asked why Zhang Kefeng didn't call him, but Zhang Kefeng turned around and said that Kang Linlin was baffled. Two people came to the hall of the company. An employee of kanglinlin came to plead with kanglinlin not to fire herself. The words were very sad.

However, kanglinlin was not moved and insisted on dismissing the female employee from the company, and asked the security guard to come and drag the female employee away. The employee was so angry that he took up a bucket of dirty water beside the floor and threw it directly. Kang Linlin can't escape. Fortunately, Zhang Kefeng stepped forward and directly blocked the dirty water. Kanglinlin was very moved. Although Zhang Kefeng came to work in the hospital, he always thought about the scene of Zhen Zhu. Zhen Zhu holds a wreath to thank Kang Linlin. Zhang Kefeng is helpless. Zhen Zhu leaves work at night and walks home with Gao ran. Gao ran and Zhen Zhu talk about what happened to Zhang Kefeng in the company today, and immediately think that Zhang Kefeng must like Kang Linlin, otherwise he won't help the other party block the dirty water.

Zhen Zhu's hand is often injured. Gao ran plans to buy a bottle of hand cream for Zhen Zhu. Gao ran came to the supermarket and didn't know how to choose. As a result, she met Zhen Na who was arguing with other customers in the supermarket. Gao ran went up to the rescue, Zhen Na was very grateful. Zhen Na helps Gao ran choose hand cream, Gao Ran is very grateful. After Gao ran went home in the evening, he Zhiwen was very busy because of the wedding. He Zhiwen gave Zhen Zhu a bottle of hand cream. Gao ran immediately felt that he couldn't handle it. After dinner, Gao ran saw that he Zhiwen gave Zhen Zhu, and quietly put the bottle he bought on Zhen Zhu's table. Gao Ran's attitude is not very good, he Zhiwen persuades Zhen Zhu not to care too much.