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Lao Youyi exposes Lu Xi's actor Zhang Yi, who is his wife?

From "who is in charge of my youth" and "baby" to the hit "old man", Zhang duo's image of a good man is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In reality, his marriage with Hong Kong actress Chen Songling has changed from a shocking opening to an ordinary long stream. Chen quit the entertainment circle to become a full-time wife. Zhang duo has moved around to eliminate the age gap between the two sides and the huge difference in life between the north and the south. He has a lot of wisdom in life, so he has been named a good husband in the circle.

The reality and the plot are strikingly similar. Zhang duo said that he didn't want to play a bad man in and out of the play. It was only when there were contradictions and responses that he could be authentic. The only difference was that in the play, he and Chen Songling chose to be DINK.

In 2006, Zhang duo secretly fell in love with Hong Kong actress Chen Songling, who was 8 years older than him. In 2011, Chen Songling publicly admitted that she was married and the two settled in Beijing. After marriage, it is difficult to see Chen Songling on the screen. Zhang duo revealed that his wife took the initiative in taking part in the film. "She is not willing to film because she is under great psychological pressure. After all, the environment here is different from that in Hong Kong. In the production team, she does not know anyone except her assistant, so it is difficult to communicate and feel lonely.".

Chen Songling was one of the most popular movie and television stars in Hong Kong in the 1990s. The images such as man of heaven and earth, new Shanghai beach and so on are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. However, Zhang duo said that Chen Songling is not nostalgic about the performing arts circle at all, but prefers to stay at home and take care of family affairs.

Although they enjoy the traditional family mode of "men are in charge of each other while women are in charge of their own affairs", Zhang duo and Chen Songling are very avant-garde and choose to be DINK families on the issue of the next generation. "It's a very firm iron nail," Zhang duo told the Beiqing daily with a smile. "We will never support our children for old age. We must rely on ourselves to support the elderly. "Zhang duo said that he chose to be a DINK because of the uncertainty about the education of the next generation." according to my personal experience, there will be many accidental factors in the growth of children. I am really not sure how to ensure that he can grow up along the right path. '

Zhang duo and Liu Tao play a couple born in the 1980s in the old man's dependence. Their warm and sweet little days become tense because of the changes of the old people in their families. They rely on their strong endurance to support and resolve conflicts.

In reality, there are great differences in the family background and living habits between Zhang duo and Chen Songling, one from Northeast China and the other from Hong Kong. Zhang duo honestly said that contradictions are inevitable, and some of them are completely unsolved. "For example, my family is from Northeast China. My mother cooks with a knife from childhood to adulthood, and cuts fruits and meat with one knife. My wife needs seven or eight knives to cook a meal. She has to cut everything separately. She will feel that she has told her mother many times. Why can't her mother remember?"

Some become a joke, "when I go to Hong Kong for dinner, every dish in her family has a pair of chopsticks. If I want to put down my own chopsticks and use those chopsticks to clip vegetables, I forget to eat them. Later, I simply said that you should not embarrass me. Before eating, I put a chopstick into my plate for each dish, and I would eat my plate. '