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Introduction to Liao Wu, the handsome instructor of Jianfeng

Liao Wu: instructor of "Sirius action team", former national army staff officer, handsome, intelligent, rigorous and planned. With extraordinary courage and wisdom, he led the "Sirius action team" to fight against the brutal Japanese invaders and accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

Chen qiuxue: the Eighth Route Army, the leader of the "Sirius action team" and the Eighth Route Army soldiers are calm, intelligent and skillful. They will change their identities according to different situations. In order to meet the needs of the mission, he pretended to be a dancer and led a group of soldiers with unique skills to carry out a series of intense deadly battles with the Japanese army in the rear of the enemy without fear of sacrifice.

A Yu: intelligence officer of the Sirius operation team.

Wang Chunmei: soldiers of the Eighth Route Army are calm and decisive. They have strong skills. They once witnessed the Japanese massacre the whole village. As the only survivor, she has an unparalleled national hatred with the Japanese ever since. They are extremely sensitive in life, but they are able to stand up for justice and decisiveness in work. When they are selected by their superiors to join the "Sirius action team", they can always accomplish various difficult secret tasks.

Shen Zhucheng: Commander in chief of the "Sirius operation team" and commander of the Eighth Route Army. He would not only give advice, but also bravely disguise himself as a Japanese officer to lurk in the enemy camp. He is easygoing on the surface, but cautious in case of accidents, careful in thinking and rich in fighting. He is the spiritual mentor of the whole operation team in the face of danger and proper command in the battlefield.

Li Yinlong: the creator of the "Sirius action team" plan and the head of the Eighth Route Army independent regiment.