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Episode 7 of the most beautiful time: Linda tells song Xu's story to her superiors that Linda and hi

The most beautiful time episode 7: Lin Da tells Song Yi to the president

Lu Licheng took everyone to the hotel. He told everyone what he wanted to see, so he would hurry to look. Maybe the next time he saw these things, it would be the time to leave here. Colleagues complained that it would not be so miserable. We just arrived at the room with our luggage in hand. Lu Li told us that we would gather for a meeting in 15 minutes. Sleep on the floor, Su man came into the room, but there were only two beds in the room. Su Meng suggested that two beds should be put to bed together. But Huimin did not love sleeping with others. Lin Xin Er did not want to make it. Su man said she asked the waiter to get a quilt, so she could sleep on the floor.

During the meeting, Lu Licheng told everyone that the network can't be used here for two weeks, only the local area network can be used. All mobile phones have to be kept by him. Everyone is tired every day. The first thing to go back to the room is to lock the computer in the safe. Huimin asks Shaoshuai, her mother is not in good health these days. Can you give her a call every day? Lu Licheng says that he told her before and handled all the trivial matters before coming, so I'm sorry. Su man said to himself that he was too much. Lu Licheng said that please don't complain. Since you choose this job, you have to admit the hard work that others can't bear and the rich rewards that ordinary people can't imagine.

Song Yi wakes everyone up. He says everyone has worked hard all night, so we will take a half day off tomorrow. You can't believe it, because the team is working in a closed way. Song Yi said that the work will never be finished. If they don't have the strength to kill a cockroach, how can they meet the next work? Shaojie suggested that they have a drink tomorrow. Song Yi joked with him that they should only hold a farewell party for him, and then he told everyone that relaxation doesn't mean indulgence. Next they will face a lot of data and charts, so they can't have a little horse Tiger.

Lu Licheng asked for the project to be completed three days in advance. Su man asked him, why don't you ask if you have any opinions? Lu Licheng asked everyone, but they didn't express their opinions. Su man said that she had opinions and said her opinions. Lu Licheng said that her idea is not mature, but it is reasonable, so she will do the analysis report of her point of view, and the previous work can not be affected. Su man takes over the task.

As soon as seven o'clock, Song Yi let everyone off work. Lin Xin proposed to eat Japanese food. Song Yi offered her money as a dinner invitation, but he couldn't go. Lin Da's colleagues were there to discuss that Lin xiner was lucky to meet a Ming Jun. Linda came up and assigned them tasks before they got off work.

Linda reported to the president that Alex's work style is not the same as that of mcguing, because in mcguing, no one ever leaves work at 7 o'clock when they are in a hurry. The president said that Alex has his own style. His steel and softness are exactly what megou needs. Linda was very angry at this.

Rick calls Song Yi to meet him at the hotel. Song Yi tells Rick that he is working on a mining case and asks him to pretend to be his enemy and give him some inspiration, so he asks Rick to let him go.

At night, when Su man went to the toilet, he met Lu Licheng who had just come out of the room. Lu Licheng thinks that there is a big hidden danger in this project. Su man said that maybe the company's focus this time is the work he gave to them today, so that they can find problems by themselves. Lu Licheng asked her to think deeply. Su man can't imagine that Lu Licheng inspired her a little. Su man asked him what happened? Lu Licheng didn't tell her. Su man said she would find it by herself.

When Lin Da got off work, he said he would catch up with his husband Qinchuan when there was no one. Qin Chuan complains there. When will they have to endure this? Lin Da says that if their affairs are separated, they all have to go away, because they cheated the company for three years. Qin Chuan said go away. Anyway, he was trying to change his job. Lin Da accused him of forcing him to die.