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Let's get married

Let's get married episode 39: Su Mei tells show that it's Caiping's family. She tells show not to tell Caiping, but show says she's a person who can't hold back. She tells early and solves the problem. When Caiping learns the truth, she doesn't say a word and tears silently at home.

Weiwei hurriedly tells Li Kui that she is worried about her parents' affairs. When they return home, Caiping comforts Weiwei and tells her that there is something to tell her parents in the future.

Caiping asks Weiwei's father-in-law what his attitude is. Li Kui says that he is OK. Weiwei's father wants to apologize to his family. Li Kui says that he is not his father's biological son either. He advises Weiwei's parents not to have psychological burden. Caiping is moved. Caiping also urges everyone to face up to it. As long as we love each other, it is better than anything.

Xue Sumei apologizes to brother Li, saying that she shouldn't tell Liu Xiu to let Caiping know that she hasn't been infertile. Brother Li says with a smile that she's OK. It's his fault that he ate on a plate first, with a shallow mouth.

Li Kui went to Beijing Jiayuan hospital to ask about her health. The doctor said that as long as she had an operation, she still had hope of getting pregnant.

Xue Sumei checks the calendar and calls peaches to let them go home to do business. When Xue Sumei arrives at peaches' home, he sees someone decorate the community and there is no water supply. He is afraid that the environment is not good enough. He also lets peaches go to her as expected.

Peach told her as expected, and felt very uncomfortable, and refused to take action. Peach finally persuaded her. They were in bed, ready to take action. Xue Sumei knocked on the door and asked peach to give her her her cell phone, saying she couldn't answer the phone.

After a while, Xue Sumei knocks on the door to hand in her mobile phone. At eight o'clock in the evening, she watches TV with peach happily. Xue Sumei urges them to go back to the house to sleep.

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