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The most beautiful time episode 3: Lu Licheng's Outward Bound training; Su man pretends to drown and

The most beautiful time episode 3

Company development training

In the elevator, Su man gives the inspection to Lu Licheng. Lu Licheng says that the inspection she wrote seems to have been copied from the Internet. Does Su man say that the inspection is not the same? Lu Licheng asks her to write the inspection from her heart. Su man catches up with Lu Licheng and accuses him of what he wants. He asks him not to take revenge. Lu Licheng advised her to do things carefully in the company so that she could stay in the company for a long time. Su man gave him two hundred yuan and said that he would not owe each other in the future.

Su man nervously goes to give song Xu something, but Song Yi is not in the office, which makes Su man very disappointed. When she turns around and leaves, she just bumps into Song Yi. Su man asked her if she still remembered herself and apologized to him for the last meeting room. Song Yi asks her name. Su man answers, but Song Yi doesn't remember her at all. Su man leaves crying.

At night, Malatang accompanies Su man to play basketball. Malatang keeps shouting for Su man to cheer on her and let her play the ball as the No. 1 basketball player. Su man talks about her yearning for basketball number one. She sighs and asks what is the love in the world & hellip; & hellip; Su man shouts. She won't be so easily knocked down.

When she went to work, Su man handed Song Yi a cup of coffee. Song Yi asked how much she needed. Lin Da came over and gave Song Yi a cup of green tea. At the same time, she told Su man that Alex likes to drink green tea recently. Linda takes the coffee in Su man's hand and Su man gives it to her. At this time, Lu Licheng comes over and Lin Da hands the coffee to Lu Licheng, saying that Su man bought it for him. Lu Licheng praised the coffee, and said that Su man would do well if he put his mind on his work.

Helen told Lu Licheng that it's rumored that the position of the executive director has been assigned to Alex at the headquarters. He came here only in the process. Later, she also reported that Quan Jin mining wanted the company to make an investment plan at the end of the year, but Linda was arguing with the president. She asked Su man to send the information, and Su man was scolded by the president. Lu Licheng wonders why Su man did this? It's a wonderful work.

Linda announced to you that the annual outdoor survival training of the company will be held at the weekend, and the senior management of the company will also take part in the training. No one can ask for leave. Lu Licheng gives Su man the information, because he has to work overtime on weekends, so he asks her to cooperate with him in the company. Su man asked him if he had any outward bound training this weekend. Lu Licheng asked Su man to ask Linda for leave. When a colleague invited Alex (Song Yi) to play basketball in training, Su man was disappointed because she couldn't go to the training.

Su man accompanies Lu Licheng to work overtime until very late. Lu Licheng says that she has achieved great success. Su man is very excited to hear this, because she can go to the development training. Su man is disappointed to learn that Lu Licheng will also participate in the training. When we went through the bridge, Alex and Lu Licheng finished the competition hand in hand. Everyone cheered and applauded. Song Yi and Song Yi shake hands to celebrate the happy cooperation. Seeing Song Yi standing there, in order to make close contact with him, Su man intentionally jumps into the water and cries for help. Song Yi hears that he jumps into the water and swims over. Lu Licheng saw Su man's trick and rushed to save her in advance. Su man lies on the ground. Lu Licheng wants to give her artificial respiration. Su man gets up quickly and sprays water on his face.

When Lu Licheng was drinking coffee alone, Song Yi went over. Song Yi said it would be great if their work could work together as in the daytime. Lu Licheng said that the company had no brothers, the office had no women, and the society was full of fighting. Helen reported to Lu Licheng that Su man had worked in the office of Quan gold mine before, so would you like to tell her identity. Lu Licheng said that what kind of storm can a small clerk bring, but what kind of tricks does Su man play?

Song Yi cares about Su man at the party at night. Su man thanks him for drowning in the daytime. Lu Licheng walks by and says he thanks the wrong person. Lin Da comes to dance around Lu Licheng and Song Yi. Song Yi goes away and plays the harmonica. When Su man is fascinated, Lu Licheng dances with her.