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Plot of 21 episodes: he Manli is ill in hospital, Qin Tian picks her up and leaves hospital

Intimate friend in the boudoir Episode 21

He Manli fell and was hospitalized. Lin Sijia couldn't leave with him in the kindergarten for a while. She called Li Qiuyang to see him in the hospital. Li Qiuyang and Xu Lele come to he Manli's ward. Li Qiuyang asked the nurse how he Manli was, and the nurse replied that he Manli was just a slight concussion and not a big problem.

Li Qiuyang's mother and neighbors met Lin Sijia on the road, who was going to drive out. Li Qiuyang's mother said that she didn't have time to pick up a lot today. Lin Sijia said that he had agreed with Li Qiuyang that he would pick up a lot. After hearing this, Li Qiuyang's mother said that Lin Sijia didn't go to see he Manli. Lin Sijia said that she would go when she was finished. After Lin Sijia left, Li Qiuyang's mother said that her daughter-in-law was like this. The neighbors said that Lin Sijia's age is the most restless now, and Li Qiuyang's mother is very unhappy after hearing this.

Li Qiuyang's mother told Li Qiuyang that Lin Sijia has gone to Qingqing farm again. She also asked Li Qiuyang to tell Lin Sijia not to go there. Li Qiuyang said that Lin Sijia has this hobby now. How can she say that she won't go. Li Qiuyang's mother talked about last time Lin Sijia and Gu ran spent the night on the island. Li Qiuyang said that last time he didn't catch the last boat, and he told his mother that Xu Lele was after Gu ran.

When Professor Miller came to Qingqing farm, he saw Lin Sijia and Gu Ran's red warbler singing and said that they planted very well. Lin Sijia told Miller that half of the red warbler seedlings he had brought back from the island had died in a week. Miller said it was very important to control the acid-base ratio of the soil, and he told Lin Sijia to change the soil as soon as possible, and the remaining half of the seedlings would probably survive.

Seeing that Li Qiuyang's mother was unhappy about Lin Sijia and Gu ran, the sisters suggested that she let Lin Sijia have a baby. They said that it would be one year to have a baby, one year to have a baby and three years to talk. Li Qiuyang's mother thought it was a good idea. Xu Lele said to he Manli that maybe he is not the type that Gu ran likes. She also said that Gu ran likes mature and knowledgeable women. After hearing this, he Manli said that Xu Lele would change himself into the kind Gu ran likes. After hearing this, Xu Lele was very happy and said that he would become a mature girl.

Xu Lele was going to pick up he Manli and leave the hospital, but he temporarily received a call from the company and went back to the company. At this time, Qin Tian came to he Manli's ward with flowers. He Manli was surprised by Qin Tian's arrival. Qin Tian said to he Manli, how could she not tell herself such a big thing as being in hospital.

When Lin Sijia came to her ward, the nurse told her that she had left the hospital. Lin Sijia calls Li Qiuyang. She asks him why he Manli didn't tell herself when he was discharged from the hospital. She also asks if Li Qiuyang picked her up because the nurse told her that he Manli was picked up by a man. Li Qiuyang says that he is not himself. Lin Sijia asks Li Qiuyang to be busy first.

In the evening, he Manli called Lin Sijia, who said she had just called her a lot but didn't answer. He Manli said that Lin Sijia was talking to Professor Miller. Lin Sijia said yes and had a good chat. She asked Lin Sijia if she had talked about what happened ten years ago. Lin Sijia said yes, and Professor Miller was sorry to hear that.