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Plot of the 17th episode of Jianfeng: the ungrateful killing of Anti Japanese Li Hongling

The story of Hua Mulan joining the army for her father set a precedent for ancient Chinese women to join the army, and Hua Mulan also made the saying that women should not let men. Recently, the TV drama peak reappears the classic image of Hua Mulan. The update of the TV series makes the plot more ups and downs. In the last episode, the trees were tracked. Can he be saved? Will the Chinese people be killed by him.

Action Sirius Episode 17

The tree was saved by the kind-hearted Chinese, who even thought that he was a member of Sirius, and specially cared for him. When the injury was a little better, he scrambled out of the house to ask for help, let the Japanese take it away, and asked Tokugawa to kill those who saved the Anti Japanese elements. Li Hongling led the brothers of Qinglong Gang to fight with the people of Hei eldest sister and occupied the kitchen. Li Yinlong made Chu Tianfei have to fight against the Japanese team with some clever tactics. A Yu sent things to prison, but he couldn't speak up.