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Let's get married

Let's get married episode 35: first pass, need to go to Shanghai to participate in the re examination, Xu Guangmei said that she will help sure pass the re examination, to complete the dream, but sure enough said that he did not want to go through the back door.

Yangtao has a stomachache, so she waited carefully as expected. The wedding was arranged as early as 40 days later, Xue Sumei and Weiwei's mother gave them all the time. As expected, their mother asked them to put the baby into action and bought them health care products. They said they were under great pressure.

Yangtao said that it's not easy to meet them. The two people's world is not enough. It's the same attitude that they hope to have them two years later. But on the one hand, they think that the old people are old. They hope to have grandchildren early is also understandable. They don't want to hurt their hearts. It's a dilemma.

Mr. Ding congratulated Yang Tao and the real success. He called her brother-in-law. Yang Tao said that he knew the relationship with Mr. Ding. Mr. Ding told her that the wedding dress design drawings sent to France had been adopted, and the next batch of wedding dresses could be seen and could catch up with their wedding.

Mr. Ding also told Yang Tao that she had obtained the qualification of studying in esmos Design Institute of France for one year. Yang Tao Meimei told it to her husband as expected. Thanks for her husband's introduction of the job, but she was worried about the attitude of her elders, and finally decided to let her go as expected.

Sure enough, he told his mother that he would go to Africa to shoot a lion and postpone the birth of a baby. Sure enough, his mother was furious. They said why he couldn't finish it before he went. They couldn't argue with each other but told the truth. Sure enough, their mother said that they would pass the best birth period after two years. They couldn't be so selfish. In a fit of anger, sure enough, their mother said that if they couldn't conceive on the 5th of next month, they would not recognize their son.

When I got home, I really said that I must realize the dream of yangtao going to Paris. I would grind my children's grandmothers and grandfathers as soon as I had time. I would also accompany yangtao to persuade his children's grandmothers and grandfathers.

Xue Sumei meets a fortune teller and says that her daughter must be pregnant this year, or there will be bloodshed. Xue Sumei has a showdown with them to have a baby this year.

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