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13 episodes of Lao Youyi: Jiaxing, Meijiang, helps the DPRK, food poisoning, Tianmi, drives out her

Episode 13 of Lao Youyi

Mulan knew that her father was going to help Yazhi talk about Hotan MI. She was afraid that her father would lose money, so she went with her. Tian Mi opens her teeth and paws, raises various demands, and is subdued by Mulan. Tian MI can only shout at Yu Miao. Mulan said that if Tian Mi loves Yu Miao, she shouldn't let Yu Miao be embarrassed. Jia Xingmei and Jiang Yuanchao are reluctant to spend money, eat unclean food, get food poisoning and go to the hospital. Grandpa saw their situation and decided to go back. No matter what children have done, parents can always forgive their children with the greatest kindness. This is the virtue that the Chinese nation has been spreading for a hundred years.

Because Fang Qiong was cheated of the money, she could not face up to it and went on a hunger strike at home. Lei Songhua wants to have a theory with her, and is pulled by Zhuang Haiyang. He asks Lei Songhua to be more considerate of the old man and to learn from his sister Aihua. Yu Miao misses Tian MI and suffers from epilepsy at home. Yazhi can only agree with Tian Mi's request, subsidize the couple's life with his pension, and move out to make room for them instead of living together. Yu Miao is struggling between his mother-in-law and his daughter-in-law. He is very grateful for what his mother has done for him. Because Yu Miao has nothing but Tian Mi's love, and all of Yazhi's is for her son. Tian Mi's attitude towards Yazhi is becoming more and more arrogant. Jiang Kaiguo looks at the pain in his heart. Yazhi said that it was because he used to dote on Yu Miao that he became so cowardly now. It's wrong for Yashi to review the way he educate his children. Mulan was angry, but he asked Tian Mi to talk with her to educate her, but Tian Mi didn't get into the oil and salt. Instead, he got angry at Mulan and asked Mulan not to mind their family's business.