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TV drama dancing with wolves Episode 21: Chen Shaojie sentenced to death

Dance with wolves Episode 21

Huangshan reported to Zhao Dongfang that the face and physical signs of the deceased were very similar to Liang cherry, but because her face was badly burned, she could not be completely identified as Liang cherry. On the surface, the deceased died of falling off a cliff, but in fact, it was a gunshot wound. Judging from the bullet on the body of the deceased, the bullet was shot from Shaojie's gun. Zhao Dongfang still thinks that Shaojie can't get rid of the suspicion. Qiao Yan asks if he must kill Shaojie? Huangshan pulls Qiao Yan. Zhao Dongfang asked them to search the dormitories of Chen Shaojie and Liang Yingli immediately.

Xiaohai and Shanshan find some things in Shaojie's house. Qiao Yan is very excited. He asks Huangshan to talk quickly, saying that these things are not Shaojie's. Huangshan said he really didn't know and asked Xiaohai to take these things to the office first. Huangshan dare not face Qiao Yan's eyes, Shaojie was his best brother, but he pushed Shaojie to the abyss. It turns out that someone secretly put things at the gate of Huangshan Mountain at night and asked him to frame Chen Shaojie for pills.

Zhao Dongfang orders Shanshan and Xiaohai to go to the hospital to arrest Chen Shaojie. Qiao Yan is very excited and asks Huangshan why he doesn't say a word and accuses him of being a coward. Xiaohai asks Huangshan if Jiege is an enemy agent. Huangshan doesn't say a word. Zhao Dongfang personally interrogates Chen Shaojie and asks him to tell him what he knows and strive for leniency. Chen Shaojie asked him what he wanted to explain himself? Zhao Dongfang said that there was evidence that he was the enemy agent lurking in the bandit suppression Corps. Chen Shaojie said that those were all dirty traps, and those evidences were all false appearances made by the enemy. Zhao Dongfang said a series of so-called evidences. Shaojie said that he was really more stupid than he thought. It was not so easy for him to kill himself. Zhao Dongfang said that he just wanted to kill Chen Shaojie to see which of them laughed last.

Qiao Yan tells Shaojie that Zhao Dongfang has sent his information to the military region. Shaojie asks Qiao Yan to call commissar Wang and tell him the whole story. Qiao Yan said that she had already called political commissar Wang, but his attitude was very strange. She suspected that Zhao Dongfang had already been angry with him, and did Huangshan Shaojie complain that it was fair? He was calculated by Zhao Dongfang in his dying life.

Qu Peizhong persuades Zhao Dongfang to visit Chen Shaojie in his cell. Chen Shaojie clamors for a drink. The soldiers say that Captain Zhao has told him that he can't drink in the cell. Chen Shaojie is angry and says that Zhao Dongfang is a fart. What is he doing when he is on duty? He only looks at the documents in the office. He looks down on Zhao Dongfang from the bottom of his heart. Zhao Dongfang just went to the cell and heard these words. He angrily ordered the guards to handcuff Chen Shaojie and restrict him from walking.

Chai watched Liang cherry take a bath. The dog patted him behind him, which scared him. After Gouzi left, Chai continued to peep, but Liang cherry pointed a gun at him. Chai Laoer said he liked Liang cherry, let Liang cherry follow him, Liang cherry said he did not sprinkle bubble urine to see what virtue. Chai Lao Er has an apple on his head. Liang cherry says that she will shoot as soon as the apple falls. Shen Yaozu comes over, and Liang cherry asks his men if they haven't seen a woman take a bath in their whole life. Liu Zifeng tells the commander that Chai Laoer is fleeing in the face of battle, and now he is playing a hooligan. What's the use of keeping him? Chai Laoer asks the special commissioner for his understanding. Ye Wen points a gun at Chai Laoer, and Liang cherry says it's OK.

Shen Yaozu tells Liang cherry that the situation they gave Chen Shaojie has already received effect. He has been formally arrested, and the result will be released soon. Liu Zifeng doesn't understand what it means to be a ghost for death. Liang cherry talks about the whole story of the matter, and Liu Zifeng praises it very well. Zhao Dongfang announced the military region's decision to deal with Chen Shaojie: find out that Chen Shaojie is an enemy spy of the Kuomintang and directly planned and participated in the Double Tenth plan. Now that the evidence is conclusive, he is sentenced to death and executed immediately. Qiao Yan seemed like a bolt from the blue. Huangshan follows Qiao Yan all the time. Qiao Yan gets angry with him and accuses him of what he did after Shaojie was put into prison. He is not worthy to be Shaojie's good brother and never wants to see him again. Huangshan hugs Qiao Yan and says sorry to her. Qiao Yan pushes him away and slaps him in the face.

Qu Peizhong and others enter Zhao Dongfang's office and implore Zhao Dongfang to bring Chen Shaojie up for trial again. Qiao Yan firmly believes that Chen Shaojie must be innocent. Xiaohai asks the captain to give Jiege another chance. Shanshan tells team Zhao that if he insists on going his own way, there can only be one explanation, that is, he is narrow-minded and dislikes Jiege's achievements.