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"You from the stars" won the audience rating

December 27 news: the audience rating of this issue of Korean TV series has not changed much, and it is still the No.1 "you from the stars" broadcast by SBS TV station.

According to AGB national ratings statistics on December 26, the fourth episode of "you from the stars" broadcast by SBS TV station was 20.1%, up 0.7% from 19.4% of the third episode on December 25, a significant increase, breaking the 20% mark.

The 12th episode of "beautiful man" broadcasted by KBS TV station is 4.3%, which is 0.5% lower than the 4.8% of the 11th episode. However, the harvest has not broken through 5%, which is still at the bottom.

No less than that, the fourth episode of "Miss Korea" broadcasted by MBC TV station is 7.7%, which is basically equal to 7.7% of the third episode, ranking second.