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"The heirs" Jin Yubin confesses to Sha Qing and feels his mother's meal fresh in my memory?

On December 11, reported that Jin Yubin was the most popular actor in the Shuimu drama "successors" broadcast by South Korea's SBS TV station.

In the inheritors, Jin Yubin plays a bad classmate Cui yingdao. His incisive acting skills make the audience deeply immersed in Jin Yubin's charm. Because of her first love, Cui yingdao, the evil child, gradually became a guardian angel of Che Enshang (Park Shin Hui), which also aroused the audience's sympathy.

And Jin Yubin himself selects the segment of Che Enshang (Park Shin Hui)'s mother (Jin Meijing) as Cui yingdao's (Jin Yubin's role) serving a meal for Cui yingdao.

He said: 'the play showed the pain and sadness of yingdao's heart in a very indirect way, which is still fresh in my memory. 'public reasons for choosing the highlights.