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Inheritors 17 episode preview: Li minhao tries his best to find Park Xinhui and meet by the sea?

On November 2, Sihai news, in the 16 episode of "inheritors" broadcast by South Korea's SBS TV station, Che Enshang (Park Shin hye) originally accepted Jin Nanyun (Zheng Donghuan)'s proposal and decided to leave Jin Tan (Li minhao). In a fit of anger, Jin Tan (Li minhao) tore up her ticket to Buenos Aires, but Che Enshang (Park Shin hye) finally took her mother to secretly leave.

On November 2, netizens anonymously uploaded many stills with the theme of "inheritors come to the East China Sea". In the photos, park Xinhui was directly attacked and was walking alone by the sea, while Li minhao was standing in the alley as if he was playing with someone.

According to witnesses, not only Li minhao, who plays Jin Tan, and Jin Yubin, who plays Cui yingdao, but also Che Enshang (Park Shin hye), who left South Korea to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, were also present.