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"The age of gratitude" Jin Xianzhong's 2-minute fight shakes the audience with a desire for revenge

On January 25, reported that in the fourth episode of the Shuimu drama "the age of gratitude" broadcasted by KBS 2TV, Kim Hyun Joong officially appeared on the stage, and perfectly performed the role of the brave fighter Shen Zhengtai who went through fire and water with his relaxed acting skills.

Even though Jin Xianzhong only appeared in the last two minutes, he perfectly interpreted the inner drama of his brother Shen Zhengtai, who was trying his best to find his suddenly missing sister Qingya. He exudes a strong sense, no less than the first episode on January 15 to show the appearance full of male charm and realistic fighting picture.

Jin Xianzhong not only suppresses the opponent with his strong eyes, but also vividly displays the difficult martial action, which adds tension to the play. Coupled with the gorgeous image beauty and Kim's stable acting skills, the audience is looking forward to Kim's future appearance as the highest fighter in the mainland.