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What are the steps of single eyelid light makeup?

Single eyelid make-up skills diagram, single eyelid light make-up steps? For light make-up we are very familiar with, but how to put on light make-up, how to put on light make-up, but there are some make-up skills. The color of light makeup doesn't need to be too bright. The key to light makeup is the flawless bottom makeup. Small make up to teach you one eyelid light makeup steps and one eyelid makeup skills diagram! Come and watch!

Usually the makeup is used for the makeup of the makeup. The foundation makeup, the concealer, the powder and the nectar powder are necessary for each makeup step. How to make the bottom makeup is not thick after playing the multi-storey, this is the real make-up skill that shows strong skill. Light makeup steps: fresh and natural skin is the most important, so make the skin thin and transparent. Skin care is very important before make-up. Skin Moisturizing Foundation will naturally fit the skin, and then use liquid foundation will make the skin look thin and natural.

Light make-up steps have always been the key to light make-up, but also we need the most in our daily life, daily communication, unit recruitment, all need light make-up. But in life, we also see that many people do not wear light makeup. So what is the makeup procedure of life makeup? How to paint the makeup of life and save time and effort? Usually, life is light makeup and also called "day makeup". It emphasizes the natural beauty of the face, and only needs to grasp the way of drawing and eyebrow painting on the basis of how to turn the naked shape.

Light makeup is light and natural. Freckles, acne and other skin defects are not deliberately covered, which is also a natural beauty. Light color make-up is lively, as long as it is modified on the basis of itself with gentle techniques.

First teach you a key to light makeup: emphasize a part.

The foundation of light makeup is good skin, that is to say, isolation (if the foundation can be omitted under the purple septum, but it is easier to make up in summer), the foundation and nectar powder can not be deficient.

The rest of the makeup steps are eyebrows, blush, mascara, eye shadow and lip gloss. If you want to achieve a good makeup effect, apart from lip gloss mascara, you can only select one for details, and the rest is simple.

For example, if your eyebrows are painted, blush is lighter. Eye shadow is made of light color, and lip gloss is pearlescent. Choose different priorities according to the characteristics of the day.

Blush and eyebrows are usually used as the focus. At the date of the party, you can focus on Eyeshadow. If you have a small karaok party, you will focus on glittering gloss.

False eyelashes will definitely make you the middle focus of the crowd.

If you have healthy skin, you can even omit the foundation and blush steps when making up makeup. As long as the lipstick and eyebrow drawing good, it will appear very energetic.

The color of eyebrow pencil should be coffee color, avoid drawing too black and too deep, eyebrows will appear natural and healthy. As for lipstick color, the choice of light silver pink, light ostrich meat or wheat color naturally reveals the theme of this summer's light and transparent.

The three-dimensional facial features, standard figure, a beautiful straight hair set off Li MM's fresh and refined, but the only deficiency is the sparse eyebrows and the lack of charm in the eyes.

Next, let's introduce the steps of light makeup

1. Apply skin care products with oil control effect on T-zone. This area is prone to oil, and the oil controlled lotion can keep the makeup longer.

2. Evenly apply a refreshing foundation cream on the whole face. Nude makeup is characterized by refreshing and transparent, so the cream must not be too thick.

3. feel that your T-zone or alar position and so on the location of the pores a little MM, can use concealer to cover up. Similarly, pay attention to apply evenly and transparently.

4. if there are red prints on the face or acne spots, they can also be concealed by concealer.

5. There is a common problem in the eyes, which is easy to have bags under the eyes. So we can print some Concealer on the bags under the pouch.

6. The key of light makeup is the use of ring finger. Use the ring finger to smooth the layer of Concealer gently until it covers the pouch marks.

7. use the spray with clear water to wet the dual-purpose powder puff and make it suitable for standing. Do not wet the powder puff so as not to damage the quality of the cosmetics.

8. Then apply proper powder to the puff and apply a thin layer of base makeup on the bridge of the nose.

9. Push outward along both sides of the cheek, pay attention to be thin and natural.

10. At the end of the day, push it down on both sides of the forehead. It's easy to learn how to make up!