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How to use the brush to show the fresh makeup in summer?

In summer, painting a heavy make-up will make you look heavy and stuffy. So how to use the brush to show the fresh and fresh makeup in summer? The incomparable clear and transparent make-up is especially suitable for this hot summer. Come and have a look~

First of all, STEP1: is the bottom makeup. Take appropriate amount of liquid foundation with the finger pulp, and place them on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin respectively. First wipe them evenly with hands, then brush them lightly. Because the finger path is not well controlled and the force area is too small, the brush will make the foundation liquid more uniform and natural after pushing it evenly.

Step2: the procedure of using brush must follow the principle of from inside to outside and from bottom to top. That is, from the cheek to both sides of the brush, action to be consistent, do not brush back and forth.

Step3: the nose wing part is more difficult to deal with, the same principle, but at this time it is better to replace a relatively small brush, so that it is more convenient to brush. After brushing, use the remaining powder of the brush to make a base around the eyes.

Step4: the next step is the lip. Brush from the middle of the lip and chin. Be sure to take care of the corners of the mouth. I believe you won't let the perfect make-up ruin on the details.

Step5: finally, the forehead. In fact, the forehead can also be the first brush. The position of the center of the forehead is evenly brushed on both sides. It can be brushed several times. It is best to use brushes in a place close to the bun, which will not cause uneven foundation.

Small tips of clear base makeup

When you brush larger areas of the cheeks, forehead and chin, the angle of the base brush is kept at about 30 degrees. When you brush your nose, eyes, and mouth, you have to erect the brush head so that you can deftly take care of the tiny parts.

Because the foundation brush is usually made of synthetic fiber, the brush head is elastic and relatively hard. If the brush is too light, it is easy to have a brush mark, and too heavy will scratch the skin, so the intensity of brush must be well grasped. Now there are more popular flat foundation brushes, and the way to brush the foundation with a circle is not easy to produce brush marks.