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What kind of lip color do you like

What kind of lip color is the most charming, what kind of lip color is the most healthy, which of the following lip colors do you like?

Healthy coral lip color

If pink is the symbol of romance in spring, the super versatile coral lip color can make you feel comfortable from the seaside in an instant. When making, you can use gloss not very high lip gloss. Blush should also collocation with the same color system. In order to deepen the sense of deep eye makeup, you can use eye liner to strengthen the eye.

Mature orange lip

The cool look of the city is full of capable temperament. If you directly use the big red lip make-up, it will give the impression that it is hard to get close to you. At this time, you can choose the orange lip make-up with mature atmosphere to perform. The orange lip make-up is the popular color in spring and summer this year, and it can also add more fashionable color inadvertently.

Lovely cherry pink lip color

In this romantic spring of cherry blossom, no color can match the scene like pink, full of the natural breath of the sense of penetration, full of the innocence and youth like patterns. The lip color of cherry blossom with a full sense of moisture and the apple muscle makes the sense of loveliness infinitely enlarged, and the clean natural blue eye makeup floats out the incomparable romantic sentiment.

Natural and casual lip color

The natural and non artificial transparent makeup feels the esteem of thousands of women, but for the working girl who can't show a good look even if she draws makeup, it's natural that she can't be naked in the end, so Xiaobian recommends that this kind of woman might as well choose a dark lipstick with elegant degree, after applying makeup, she can embellish it with lip gloss slightly, so the impression of good feeling can be easily obtained.

Fashionable Peach Lip Color

This year, we must have a bright red lip make-up of red water. This one will be very fashionable. Because of the particularity of color, the work of makeup must not be careless, because the lip makeup has been very prominent.