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What are the tools for girls to draw eyebrows? Methods of selecting and using thrush appliances

What are the tools for girls to draw eyebrows? How to choose and use thrush tools! Now popular thrush products include eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder and eyebrow dyeing cream, each with its own good. How to choose the right thrush appliance according to your eyebrow condition? Three thrush tools and their usage are recommended!

Tips for eyebrow pencil

Don't choose an eyebrow pencil with too hard texture, because it will draw too 'solid' eyebrows, which is very unnatural. When drawing eyebrows, draw them in small strokes to achieve detailed results. Each stroke should not be longer than the natural eyebrows, and then use the eyebrow brush to halo and dye them.

[eyebrow powder] love pie

Applicable crowd: mm with sparse eyebrows but complete eyebrow shape

The coloring of eyebrow powder is the most natural. It is suitable for people with sparse eyebrows. Because the color drawn is natural, it is also suitable for novices. Now many brands have launched two-color and three-color eyebrow powder to reconcile and use. The combination of dark and light colors can easily draw three-dimensional eyebrows.

Tips for eyebrow powder

When using two-color eyebrow powder, remember the principle of 'light color above, dark color below'. First handle the eyebrow with light color, then gently take the outline above the eyebrow, and then draw the outline of the lower edge with dark color, from the position 1cm away from the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow.

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Applicable crowd: mm with thick black eyebrows and long eyebrows

Dyed eyebrow cream has the best shaping effect. The eyebrow cream is like mascara, which has different colors and is coated with hair to achieve the dyeing effect. In addition, compared with eyebrow pencil and eyebrow powder, dyed eyebrow cream is cleaner, won't drop debris, and has better durability.

Tips for dyeing eyebrow cream

The key to using eyebrow cream is to master the uniformity of dosage and strength, and choose a lighter color than hair in color. If you want to achieve the effect of naked makeup, you can also use transparent eyebrow cream to help shape the eyebrows without making the hair color too dark.

[eyebrow pencil] love to use pie

Applicable crowd: mm with incomplete eyebrow shape and fault eyebrow

Generally speaking, eyebrow pencil is the most convenient to use. Its refill is moderately soft, easy to color, and can draw eyebrows smoothly. With the use of eyebrow brush, the pen mark of eyebrow pen can be haloed, which can make the eyebrows more vivid and natural. Eyebrow pencil is also very convenient for carrying and makeup.

These three eyebrow painting and eyebrow trimming tools must be known to everyone, but we just don't know how to choose products that are suitable and easy to use. If Xiaobian recommends, we will learn more.