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How to draw high nose bridge makeup how to make your nose stand up

How to paint high nose bridge? How does make-up make your nose stand up? No matter how perfect the face is, there will be subtle differences. The influence of the nose on the whole face is obvious. How to use makeup skills to skillfully modify the bridge of the nose, straighten the nose and modify the delicate face!

Some authoritative institutions have done research. Women with symmetrical faces are more likely to be liked by men. In life, mm will find that asymmetric face shape is actually very common, and even the perfect face will have subtle differences. So as long as you use the correct makeup skills, you can also have a perfect and beautiful little face!

First move:

Apply a darker foundation or Concealer on the curved side of the nasal bone, then use a lighter foundation on the opposite side of the curve to ensure that the line is straight enough to create a very symmetrical illusion.

Second move:

If there is a protrusion on the bridge of the nose to make it less obvious, you can put a dark colored foundation on it. Because of the effect of light, the bulge will be lighter than the surrounding skin, and the skin will be deeper than the surrounding skin). The shadow around the protuberance will be covered with some shallow foundation. It will always be applied to the nose and the nostrils, and the effect will be much better.

Third move:

Apply the base cream with brightening effect on the curved part of the bridge of the nose, so that the brightening base cream can reflect the light to hide the shortcomings and make others invisible to the curved bridge of the nose.

Fourth move:

Avoid using too deep lipstick because it will focus your eyes on the center of your face.


Avoid a mid parting hairstyle, because a straight mid parting line will make your crooked nose more obvious. You should divide your hair to one side. If your nose tilts to the left, divide your hair to the right.

Well, after the introduction of nose makeup skills, how did you learn? There are more articles about makeup skills waiting for you to continue to pay attention!