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How does Tang Yan and Qi Wei create autumn hairstyle?

Inspirational idol drama "love wakes up" is a hit, and 23 episodes of "love wakes up" will be broadcast. Emotional drama is even more cruel to the heart. In the drama, Liu Xiaobei, Tang Yan and Qi Wei are popular among netizens. How do they build their models. The following beautiful hairstyle editor will take you to enjoy Tang Yan and Qi Wei's varied hairstyle show.

Qi Wei's clean and refreshing hairstyle makes her facial features look more delicate and three-dimensional. This hairstyle is also suitable for women of all ages.

Sweet and elegant meatballs let mm have a noble princess temperament. Ball head is a kind of hair bundle. It looks very simple and lovely. It is suitable for women of all ages.

Bobo head is a kind of short hair for women. It looks round as a whole, creating a lovely feeling for girls. It is also a hairstyle that can hold the scene of living.

A very lady's bangs hairstyle, suitable for mm with high forehead. Qi Banghai can not only modify the face shape, but also make mm look more cute. At the same time, this hairstyle is very suitable for such a romantic autumn.

A very intellectual and fresh doll head, let the brain immediately think of the famous host Luyu. This hairstyle is very suitable for women working in the workplace, elegant and intellectual.

Sweet and lovely long bangs hair, deeply loved by countless mm. Whether it's office workers or students, it's quite suitable. This hairstyle is also very easy to do DIY, horsetail, curl, pear head, can do it by yourself.

Messy charming long hair, there is a lazy little woman flavor. Coupled with Qi Wei's cold expression and eyes, it gives people a feeling of iceberg beauty.

Dress up tender double horsetail, suitable for 20-year-old mm, give people a taste of youth invincible, very girl feelings.

The handsome retro punk hairstyle is suitable for women with unique personality, and it is also popular with some famous female stars.