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New year beautiful Korean actress hairstyle show

2012 new year beautiful Korean actress hairstyle show. Who is the most beautiful Korean actress in the eyes of the post-90s? Who do Jin Taixi, Shen miner and other beautiful stars like? Let's see Korean star's beautiful hairstyle show!

Shen min'er: Shen min'er has replaced Quan Zhixian as the advertising queen. She prefers streamlined hairstyles, such as side split straight hair and highlights, which is both sexy and fashionable.

Han Yise: Han Yise's iconic small face has become the aesthetic standard of the new era, and the shape of her hair can add charm to her.

Kim Tae hee: Kim Tae hee is worthy of the title of 'national' beauty. Kim Tae hee always likes to appear in front of the public in the shape of exposed forehead. More natural and stylish.

Li minzhen: 'New Goddess' Li minzhen has become popular at an amazing speed in recent years. With a sexy card, she naturally focuses on the enchanting department in the choice of modeling. Micro curly bangs in the middle, fluffy and messy micro curly hair is sexy!

Xiuai: in recent years, xiuai has become a recognized beauty of the Queen's model through the popularity of Athena and the thousand day agreement. The bleary and messy hair style, micro curly hair tail is more natural.