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Microsoft's acquisition of AI company helps the development of AC AI

Original title: Microsoft's acquisition of start-up AI company to help Xiaona upgrade

According to foreign media reports on May 21, Microsoft recently announced that it will acquire American artificial intelligence start-up semantic machines. The acquisition will help improve the performance of Microsoft's digital assistant, Xiaona, so that it can communicate with human beings in a more natural way.

Microsoft Xiaona is a digital assistant released by Microsoft in 2014, which can be installed in laptops, smart home devices and mobile phones using Android system or apple IOS system. Microsoft said that semantic machines will inject new power into the development of interactive AI technology.

David bull, chief technology officer of artificial intelligence research at Microsoft, published a blog saying: 'semantic uses machine learning technology to enable users to communicate with machines more naturally and efficiently. Microsoft will combine the technology of semantic machines to provide users with more powerful, more natural and more efficient artificial intelligence technology and application, and promote the communication computing technology to a new height. '

According to reports, many large technology companies in the United States have begun to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, and launched many related products, such as Alexa of Amazon, Siri of apple, Google assistant of Google and Bixby of Samsung Electronics of South Korea. But at present, artificial intelligence technology is still in the initial stage, and artificial intelligence technology is still unable to communicate with human completely or understand the content of human communication. Microsoft's acquisition of semantic machines will help to break through this barrier and realize the natural and efficient communication between machines and human beings.