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Samsung's new image sensor focuses on two major functions

Original title: Samsung's new image sensor helps improve the photo taking function of mobile phones

According to German media reports, Samsung has launched a new image sensor, isocell slim 3p9cmos. It is understood that the new image sensor has two main functions, one is to greatly save the time of manufacturers, the other is to improve the camera effect of mobile phones.

Samsung revealed that the isocell slim 3p9 CMOS uses an advanced phase detection autofocus technology to achieve faster autofocus. The autofocus system density of this technology is twice that of traditional focusing technology. At the same time, the sensor also has the function of stabilizing the fuselage, which can neutralize the shaking of the photographer's hand and the vibration caused by other movements.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung said it had assembled the sensor into a module and carried out optimization and reliability test. On this basis, mobile phone manufacturers only need to insert the camera module directly into the mobile phone, which can save nearly four months of research and development time.

It is reported that Samsung Electronics and Samsung Group are South Korea's most famous multinational companies in the world. Samsung Electronics has become the world's largest consumer electronics enterprise, with a complete product line of smart phones, televisions, memory chips, processors, household appliances and mobile telecommunications equipment. In the past few quarters, driven by the booming memory chip market, Samsung Electronics has repeatedly set the highest operating profit record.

Last year, Samsung Electronics encountered some difficulties. Li Zairong, the actual controller, was detained and tried, unable to participate in the company's major strategic decisions. At the beginning of this year, Li Zairong received probation and officially returned to work at Samsung Electronics. This will also contribute to Samsung's transformation plans in the fields of artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and semiconductor.

According to the latest news from foreign media, Samsung Electronics has split its shares at a ratio of 1:50 since May 4, which means that retail investors can also buy Samsung shares.

Before that, Samsung's share price was unreachable, reaching 2.65 million won, or about $2467. But after the split, Samsung's share price was 53000 won, about $49.24. It is worth mentioning that stock split is a common operation in the stock market.