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have ulterior motives? Alibaba strategic investment huitongda

Original title: how can he de get Alibaba's 4.5 billion strategic investment from huitongda, which ranks 3.96 million in the world comprehensive news I believe that before Alibaba had no strategic investment huitongda, you must have never heard of this brand, let alone rural e-commerce.

After reading this picture, you can check it. In fact, huitongda's influence is not big, but huitongda's e-commerce platform has very good resources. Child Wang believes that you have seen it in many large shopping malls, and five-star appliance used to be one of the best in the electrical industry.

Let's take a look at the data of huitongda e-commerce platform.

This is a world ranking of websites. We can see that the ranking of this website is 3.96 million, and its influence is not big on domestic network platforms.

After reading here, many friends will say, what's the use of website ranking now? You've used app, so you've talked about the point. It's true, but huitongda doesn't even have app, it's so simple. It's just a mall website.

Therefore, Alibaba's strategic investment in huitongda is as much as 4.5 billion yuan. In Xiaobian's opinion, the idea of being drunk is not to be drunk, but to be optimistic about child king and five-star appliance. The two resources are the most important, because they will be in line with the new retail model proposed by Ma Yun.