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Do you think it's manly gun with rose golden apple 6S? Rose gold is no longer a female patent

Apple's 6S has been released for some time. Just as the original iPhone 5S' tuhaojin 'triggered a wave of popularity, the new generation of rose gold is also very popular in apple powder. In fact, the original intention of Rose Gold Pink designers may be to open up the women's market, but I didn't expect that many women love rose gold even more than women. If you have someone around you who loves rose gold, would you feel like a mother?

The male group of rose gold mobile phone is more extensive

Apple's Pink mobile phone is not only aimed at women's market. It turns out that many men are also infatuated with the rose gold iPhone. When the appointment was just opened, Suning's data showed that men were three times as likely to book the rose gold version of the iPhone as women. Although it may be bought back for the other half, it also shows that the pink iPhone has a market among the majority of men in China.

How do women view men's use of the rose gold iPhone?

In a survey by men's health, 48% of women think that men's use of pink is' sexy and confident '. On social networks, most users think it's normal for men to use the rose gold iPhone. In the eyes of users, rose gold gives people a more luxurious and dazzling feeling, which can match the higher price of mobile phones.

Color is perhaps the most gender imprinted of all colors. Men avoid using pink, largely because of the subtle relationship between pink and 'motherhood', 'homosexuality' and 'weirdness'. But the phenomenon has improved in recent years, and fashion men are trying pink more. According to the American Color Association, four different kinds of pink will be popular in the next four quarters, and only one of them is for women. With the popularity of the rose gold iPhone, this stereotype is expected to be further broken.