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Apple iPhone 7's latest concept design is plagiarized by Meizu HTC technology channel, January 30 - with the exposure of the latest conceptual design of Apple's iPhone 7 this morning, the extremely narrow frame and ultra-thin iPhone moved the volume key from the left to the right. Stereo dual speakers will only activate automatically when necessary. When the iPhone is on the horizontal screen, its built-in IOS 9 system will calculate the position of the iPhone, and then the sound will be automatically emitted from the correct channel.

It is reported that the iPhone 7 will have at least five alternative colors, and whether it has wireless charging function is also a big mystery. However, iPhone 7 without dual card function has been tucked by some consumers. And some netizens make complaints about the appearance of iPhone 7, which is copied by Meizu, and even more ridicule by industry analysts. Apple seems to have finished copying the three part HTC metal and then plagiarize two stereo speakers.