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Apple tablet Waterloo Xiaomi tablet price of 1299 yuan technology channel, December 1 - just after Apple constantly subverted Jobs's idea, more and more users began to abandon tablet computers because they were making bigger and bigger mobile phones. Apple not only lost the position of high-end tablet due to the suppression of Microsoft's surface Pro 3, but Xiaomi tablet quickly occupied the low-cost tablet Market with an adverse price of 1299 yuan recently. The visual stimulation of white, pink, yellow, green and blue colors and the compensation strategy of 7-day purchase price difference have attracted many users to take advantage of the opportunity. This is another attempt of Xiaomi to reduce the price and promote sales in order to reappear the popularity of the mobile phone market. Although Apple's response to this is flat, according to industry analysts, Apple seems to have given up the low-cost tablet market, and instead has a final battle with Microsoft in the high-end tablet market.