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Microsoft cuts price to promote Black Friday Xbox 360 to counter attack PS4

According to technology channel on November 22, Xbox, which has participated in the competition of game console market since the next generation, has made Microsoft lose Waterloo for countless times. Before it, there are PS2, NGC and DC's encirclement and suppression, and then there are PS3 and Wii's Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Until now, it has completely defeated PS4 for six months in a row. In the coming Christmas Eve, Black Friday, disgraced Microsoft has once again passed the price reduction promotion We are looking forward to a counter attack. In addition to the package of concessions, the Xbox game body and accessories concessions are enough to make players feel Microsoft's full sincerity.

Industry analysts believe that, compared with Sony, which is struggling because of the financial crisis, Microsoft, which is rich in money, has enough ability to reduce the price of sales promotion or even half price dumping; perhaps at Christmas 2014, Microsoft can really counter attack Sony in the game console market.