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It is absurd to say that Lenovo's acquisition of blackberries challenges the US military to buy scra

Lenovo's merger and acquisition of Motorola is still in full swing. Lenovo's acquisition of BlackBerry Canada has been exposed again. Some netizens began to call Lenovo "garbage collection station" with a little ridicule, and take all kinds of junk at home. But is that really the case? Is Canada's BlackBerry really so bad?

Is BlackBerry really that bad?

BlackBerry was founded in 1984, and its mobile phone with full keyboard became its logo image. Because the buttons on the keyboard are like strawberry seeds, they are named 'BlackBerry'. In the summer of 2011, due to the slowdown of business growth, rim decided to lay off about 2000 employees. On January 22, 2012, the founder decided to resign as CEO and take over by Thorsten Heins. On March 29 of the same year, rim recorded its first-ever net loss, forcing rim to further lay off 5000 employees and replace several directors.

Because of the impact of the iPhone, blackberry, like Nokia, has not been spared. The golden age of BlackBerry has passed, but it has ushered in endless darkness. But is BlackBerry really that bad?

BlackBerry's passport mobile phone in 2014 is a gorgeous turnaround. It has been sold out of stock in North America, India and other regions.

BlackBerry is far more secure than iPhone's ISO, and works with the military

Despite the rapid growth of Android and IOS, companies and wall street people are still clinging to the BlackBerry, which is said to be mainly because they think it is less secure than rim. And the U.S. military has been using BlackBerry communications devices.

However, due to the continuous loss of military resources in recent years, the strength of blackberry is no longer comparable to that of iPhone. The loss of some Pentagon orders is another major blow to rim, which used to be a leader in the smartphone market, but with the hot sales of apple and Samsung products, the company's market share is getting smaller and smaller, and users are starting to give up the outdated BlackBerry. But it is undeniable that BlackBerry's technical reserves are still very strong, so it is absolutely absurd to say that Lenovo's acquisition of blackberry is a waste acquisition station.

Is the news of Lenovo's acquisition of BlackBerry true?

The acquisition of a Canadian company does not require the approval of the U.S. Congress. Moreover, when it comes to cooperation with the U.S. military, Motorola is far more extensive than BlackBerry. So the so-called 'BlackBerry will not sell Lenovo if it cooperates with the US military' is just a public relations wording.

Lenovo Group said today that the company does not comment on market speculation. An insider who knows about Lenovo Group's development strategy disclosed that the relevant reports are not true. It's true, but it's not.